The Football League Division 1 Farce!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by JPALegend, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Swansea today earned enough points to be crowned champions, well done to them.......

    but Leeds United will be only one point behind them if they win their battle against the 25 point deduction (ok they are only moaning about the additional 15).

    To summarize

    Last year Leeds went into adminstration and punished 10 pts, relegating them to the Division 1 (they may have got relegated anyway)

    Inland Revenue fought against Leeds coming out of administration, with the Football League doing very little to help.

    Leeds were very close to (day/days) of not being able to start this seasons, so they came out of administration without some legal paperwork.

    The football league docked them a further 15 points for this.

    League started and Leeds quickly got to 0 points and then at the New Year reached top spot of Division 1.

    But the pride and passion of both the fans and players left, they had achieved something truely remarkable - turning a huge disadvantage around and getting to the top of the league.

    People looked to the manager to sort this ... but really he'd was crap having done nothing to get the team to where they now were. Games were lost and the train had come off its track.

    But an ex Coventry manager who'd left the game to look after his dying wife came back to a dying club. He quickly turned the club around and Leeds stand a good chance of remaining in the play offs.

    The 15 points are currently in arbitration, meaning Swansea's achievement can't be given the rubber stamp. Leeds would be still in with a chance if the points are given back.

    Its a fair chance Leeds will win the arbitration, the Football League/Inland Revenue left them with no choice but the solution.

    Leeds given 15 points back

    Swansea still promoted but a chance they loose the title (and piss them off but a fair fight might be seen as good by many)

    2nd placed team - pissed off

    Play off contenders - maybe narked or maybe not but at least they don't have to play one of the best two teams in the play offs and so increasing their chances of promotion

    Leeds given 0 or a few points back or get 15 but legal crap means the play offs get screwed

    Worst case scenario for the football league, Leeds would be clear favourites as they are now doing really well with the new manager and would be fired up both fans, management and players. Would be clear favourites and would be highly embarrassing for the Football League if Leeds got their 2 fingers to the FL final watched by millions and won/lost it.

    You may have guessed by now I'm a Leeds fan. I reckon this could be one of the biggest underdog stories for a while. If Leeds win the play offs I'll be pissed like I've never been, I don't really want the 15 points, the glory of the play off final could be one of the biggest sporting memories of my life (or I could be swinging from paddington station)
  2. Can't believe you've used the words 'fair' and 'Leeds' in the same sentence.

    You aint getting them points back.
  3. Those Northern tossers, Leeds, managed to fcuk up my journey yesterday by being escorted by half the Met Police at London Bridge, who refused to let anyone leave the platforms until the hooligan special from South Bermondsey had arrived and all Leeds fans rushed down to the Tube. 30 mins later, we were allowed to leave, meaning I missed my connection.
  4. Some people say fans are stupid for putting up with clubs paying extortionate wages whilst small clubs suffer. But fans putting up with a club paying extortionate wages when they haven't got the money and or any business sense seems fooking ridiculous to me.

    Why give them the points back? They broke the rules - take the punishment.

    (For the record I actually quite like Leeds.)
  5. You mean something like this? Showing the passion for sport or the southern version

    Maybe you should catch a 'Yorkshire class' train from Kings Cross to Leeds it only stops in Yorkshire and London. Have a look outside both stations before you leave and after when you arrive, one's classy, modern and progressive, and the other isn't.
  6. I never did understand why a team should be punished for going into administration; it's not like they have gained an unfair advantage over other teams, unlike West Ham and the Carlos Teves affair.
  7. Now i may be wrong - but wasn't it the day that your relegation was confirmed that you actually went into administration? You'd already effectively gone down so 10 fewer points didn't make a difference??? :D Some may say it was a cynical ploy in that it saved you losing (another) 10 points straight away this season!!!! 8O

    Either way, you weren't good enough for the championship, you broke the rules, accept the punishment and hope you make it through the lottery of the playoffs!
  8. If it happened to any other Football Team in the English League you'd have our sympathy, however it happened to Leeds so... We Don't Care! along with every other Football Supporter in the land I was hoping you'd get relegated this Season and eventually be forgotten about..... face it, you're not a 'Big' Club anymore, enjoy another Season in League One...
  9. Tell that to the fans who give us a regularly bigger attendance than all of League 1 clubs, all of the Championship and at least half of the Premiership. Of course we are a big club you muppet and we will soon be back where we belong in the Premiership. I can't believe that all these people from other League 1 clubs have now suddenly started bleating about it would not be fair if we got our points back. Those points were won on the playing field fair and square and if other clubs can't compete without a significant (and manifestly unfair) advantage then tough shit.

    Marching On Together. :D :D :D
  10. Yup - I'm a Leeds Fan

    I say stuff the 15 points and let 'us' win the play offs
    then we can stick two fingers up at the F.A.
    ''Fcuk 'em all...Fcuk 'em all.. the long and the tall and the small...''

    Leeds is a rough Northern city which doesn't really make the headlines
    unless we are breeding serial killers or suicide Bombers.

    No quaint stories about Rock bands playing in 'Caverns' or hard done by dockers trying to cut a living - lovable rogues isn't Leeds

    Nobody gives a Fcuk about Leeds - and we don't give a fcuk about you!!

    The Fans are rediculously Loyal with over 25,000 at no less than 14 Games this season - Div 1 FFS

    Leeds would break the all time record for crowd attendence in Div 1 but for the upper tier on the East Stand which is closed off
    (currenty held by Sheffield Wed I believe with 38,000?)

    Therefor the Fans are fiercly Loyal - proud and totally commited
  11. Out of interest, why is that tier closed in the East stand?

    As for the 'we'll soon be back in the premiership' comments, didn't you say that before you were relegated to Div 1??? Face it, the championship is the toughest league to get out of - in an upwards direction!!!!
  12. If the rules were broken you should take your punishment. Dead simple.

    If you win through to the championship - well done. Don't spunk all your cash this time.
  13. Perhaps we could buy Robbie Fowler again?
  14. Dunno - Speak to Cardiff mate. Be careful mind, he'll buy your stadium and rent it back to you.

    " We all live in a Robbie Fowler house"

  15. Didn't Boston United pull the same trick at half-time in the final game of last season, and were promptly dumped 2 leagues? Div 3 to Conference North (where they've monged it) in a oner.

    IIRC, Leeds were allowed to stay in the League if they accepted the 15 point deduction, on condition that there'd be no appeal. :?

    And for those of you who were at Brunton Park last November, can I have my wing mirrors back please? :wink: