The Fookin Bomb Squad - Volunteers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The Booth, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. I've recently watched the BBC documentary "Bomb Squad". Let me start by saying that I'm not in the military but I'm a very proud father of a RE. The TV programme followed a team dealing with IED's and it wasn't clear what regiment/unit etc they were from and if they volunteered for that role. These guys are undoubtdly super brave, heroes to a man, but unfortunatey a young lad lost 3 limbs.

    I know that 33eng are EOD but do other/all regiments do similar roles and crucially is it a job that lads volunteer for - or is it a case of any soldier/engineer can be given a vallon and told to sweep for IED's.

    As a concerned dad of a sapper I'd appreciate any insight especially from serving engineers that doesn't jeopardy security.

  2. How long before someone shouts journo?
  3. The RLC have an EOD capability. I don't know about the RLC, but RE EOD is a normal posting.
  4. journooooooo! journooooooo! journooooooo!
  5. Iya Linda Darnell,

    No journo just a worried parent. Sorry to hear your house burned down, you should know better than to smoke in bed at your age!
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  6. Fookn ell King Walt,

    Respect to all soldiers but is somebody on this forum sellin Paranoid pills?
    I'm sure a journo could get anything I asked from an official army source no problem!
  7. Shhh jouno
  8. Thanks for the reply eodmatt,
    your name gives me a clue that your doing the job now.
  9. Im not 100% but i think the Crabtastics also have EOD guys but im not sure
  10. Walter,
    you got nothin to add, go to bed, tomorrows another day - you will wake up sober
  11. Linda, U got me, I'll ask ..... Wot are crabtastics?
    the punchline betta be good
  12. Royal air force, sorry not that good :p
  13. Sshhh. OPSEC.

  14. Your son may know the answer.
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  15. His son Achmed perhaps.