The Folly of a Nuclear Iran

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by tomahawk6, Feb 18, 2005.

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  1. Not kidding, be afraid. sun block? SPF 10,000,000 anyone?

  2. Tomahawk, you are obsessed with Iran.
    Are you really George W Bush?
  3. No not obsessed. I think the entire issue of nuclear proliferation is a problem.
  4. And so it is. However, as long as the consequences of actually using a bucket of instant sunshine, something cheeky in a non-persistent nerve agent or a naughty litte disease on Western targets are clearly understood by everyone and as long as actual delivery of said items in a safe, reliable and accurate manner remains problematic, I would submit that there are plenty of other things to worry about ahead of that.[/b]
  5. How could he be? He served in the army. 8O Might be Rummy though......
  6. "Oh Rummy was a sailor lad!"
  7. Unfortunately one of the biggest drivers for nuclear (or WMD if you like) proliferation is the current US attitude to international relations. If a country has WMDs then the US treat it with a modicum of respect - in deeds if not in words. However, states without WMD just get told BOHICA. Are we going into NK to remove that murderous dictator and his WMD stash ? If Saddam had really had WMDs would we have gone in ?