Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Stu_Finn, Aug 5, 2004.

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  1. Had an idea.....

    A party in London for pilots from RN, RAF and Army. Tickets only issued to those that are on or have completed the RN/RAF/Army Pilots course. Open to their friends etc.

    Sometime next year. Reckon about 300-400 people

    £40, hotel, meal, dj, booze, and other ents? Could be a target rich environment.........

    Any thoughts team? Clearly massive potential for career endex, but what a way to go!!!
  2. Yes indeedy 8O
    How much is a pilot worth? Times that by 300/400
    Civvy hotel ? £40 ? Have you costed the security for this gig? I think not :wink:
  3. not really done any maths on it yet but I am sure that it is doable.

    £40 for 300 people = £12000. Easily afford all the security, public liability insurance and some other stuff. Maybe sack the meal off and just get rat arsed. Might do it in fancy dress and have some awards for stuff....

    Any suggestions winker? I'm keen to run with it. Parties are my thing you see.....
  4. Off the top of my head-
    Do it as a charity fundraiser with all profits to Tri-service charities?
    Companies/ supporters will then be happy donate goods and services free if you ask nicely.Find a Mil-friendly establishment who will give favourable terms to your guests but then still charge guests full whack for any services provided.

    If there's women there you will need a bit of food available -Finger buffet is usually easiest.
    People hate fancy dress at big parties- far too much hassle.
    Auction donated goods and services if you get a generous response.
    Good Luck mate.[/url]
  5. That is a F****** good idea. Then I'm covered if something happens as its for a good cause!

    hmmmmm............ you're onto something.

    Mess kit I reckons and the sponsorship thing...genius!

    Want to come? I need a hand with this baby! If I end up in Sudan it could be really tricky to organise! Have to start drafting some troops in for this one.....

    cheers winker
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Think of all those white socks in the same place! And with that much synthetic fibre around best get some decent fire cover - the place could spontaneously combust.
  7. Agree, and you'd need to invite at least one non pilot, so there'd be somebody to listen patiently and watch the hand movements in awe. :lol:
  8. You can hire out the Imperial War Museum for such things. Very cool venue.
  9. Ive just heard that pilots have a new type of contraception............It's called their personality.

    You could all dance with yourselves, and exchange tips on how to walk past the mirror and look at yourself, without being seen by anyone else.
  10. oh yeah???
    Got a recipe for that warden? :wink:
    Be careful of the age group to whom you infer me dears 8) :lol:
  11. And don't forget the other old joke
    " How do you know if there's a pilot at your party?"
    "He'll tell you!"
  12. Lippy............. Tsk......Tsk.....Tsk!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope this isn't me having to walk 10 paces for you to draw your handbag is it ???????

    Children should be seen and not heard!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember to read the manual and you will be prompted to calibrate your joystick it you have one connected. If not you can access the following website:

    and do it manually.
  13. Lippy

    You know the difference between the 20 minuters and the "I could have but well you know etc etc"

    Don't listen to the might haves, the could haves, or even the "was never really bothered" its what aviation is all'd only say different if you couldnt be arsed to do it.

    Hell, we all all of us have a healthy respect for anyone whose tried and failed along the way...but to sound off, just because its deemed to be cool in your world is just plain ignorant.

    Lippy, you'd be more than welcome as my guest at any such event.
  14. nah dont worry I cant beat the size of yewer handbag sweetie... :lol:
    Warden if you want some calibration lessons in joysticks, why didnt you say so? personally methinks you might want to concentrate on Green Water, I hear its a pilotless thingy, not that I know owt about owt of course 8)

    Oh Lordy Lord, bout time I had a new dress Mutters TY :wink:

    Added: Apologies to Porridge for posting on Aviation yet again, ... butting out forthwith :roll: