The Flying Gunners

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by newlynpirate, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Have the flying gunners been sacked yet?
    Rumour has it they are soon to be no more,as they have fallen by the way side compaired to other Army display teams.
  2. Speaking as an ex member of Royal Artillery Parachute Team I always felt that we should have been called the flying Gunners or plummeting Gunners at least' I wouldnt be suprised if they were disbanded because in my day they were cr*p!! almost as bad as the Junior Leaders Regt Royal Engineers batton swirling display team!
  3. Did you here about the Black Knights being blown of course in Cornwall a few weeks ago and being rescued by RNLI etc.
  4. Ha! been there done that! although without the RNLI and the sea!
    I nearly landed on the roof of Chatsworth house and i once landed right in the middle of a forest at Badlippspringe fracturing a vertabrae and I now have a claim to fame that I was injured parachuting into Germany during the war(although this was 1985 and it was the cold war!)
  5. The Flying Gunners are alive and well and in the AAC Blue Eagles. Their Boss is serving gunner and two of the team are ex gunners.

    Ubique etc :)
  6. such wit! such humour! you cant learn talent like that its a gift!
  7. still , he has more talent than the flying gunners would you not agree...........
  8. Hmm,

    IF the chap I saw at the Red Bull Air Races in the 'ops tent' wearing an RA Para Display Team polo shirt was a Flying Gunner and IF he was one of the apparent idiots who was retained/paid to advise Red Bull that a Swiss-registered drop aircraft could just arrive in the UK and conduct a drop without any of the very necessary consents - making the UK mil look rather foolish in the process, THEN the FG can't be that much cop.
  9. the flying gunners are actually a motor cycle display team captain but you can only assume the bloke in the parachute display team polo shirt was a black knight(para team)
  10. Whoops! my bad :oops: . FG stand down, BKs (never heard of you) - have a word.