The Fly

A fly flew into a stable one morning, and lo and behold, in front of it, it saw the most wonderful pile of horse shit it had ever seen before! Still hot and steaming as well!
So the fly started to eat and it ate and it ate and it really pigged out on the heap, until almost nothing was left.
It belched, burped and farted, and then, totally satisfied with the days work, it decided to fly out into the warm sun, where it could have a really pleasant doze.
It flapped it's wings; and lifted about a cm. from the ground. Again and the same thing happened.
What to do?
The fly looked around and saw, leaning against the wall, a spade. A thought passed through it's mind - if it could get up there, and used the extra height, it could get airborn!
Slowly the fly made it's way over to the implement, and just as slowly crawled up the spade to the top.
With a last belch, it spread it's wings and jumped.
Big mistake - it plummeted to the floor and burst wide open. Dead.

The Moral of this story?
If you know your full of shit don't fly of the handle!!

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