The five worst army men of all time

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Canader, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Hear, hear...

    The five worst army men of all time

    My wife brought the boys back from the playground the other day, and told me that our 5-year-old son had played with another kid who brought some plastic green army men. Excited that the family moratorium on guns had apparently been lifted, I went down to the basement and opened up the small black briefcase that contains all of my most awesome toys.

    My son already has access to my toy trucks and Slinkys and Rubik's Cubes and other more boring toys from my childhood. The black box is filled with less politically correct toys, including army men, a team of die-cast metal bank robbers, some plastic Indians Native Americans and a couple of cap guns. (My awesome toys also included some rolling papers and a pipe from my pre-college pot smoking days, although those will never be passed on. While I plan to teach both my sons how to drive a stick shift and shoot a free throw with proper mechanics, they'll have to figure out on their own how to roll a tight joint.)

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  2. Been a long week, hence, what's the point/message/comment??? Are you the Frisco geek???

  3. Never mind that maudlin 'Up' crap-what have you got under the basement floor?
  4. Tough Crowd
  5. If had any feelings, they'd be hurt by now I'm sure. :D
  6. Army men non pc? Pah! I raise you Action Man in full Nazi regalia.
  7. I volunteer myself for one of the these awards.
  8. Worst, as in bad or mean? :?
  9. Spotter Points: You'll notice that the 'dead guys' in the article are, thankfully, carrying MG42s.
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I once bought a set of Airfix WW" Italians. It contained two wounded and 48 surrendering.
  11. I was going to nominate that officer from the Seaforth Highlanders who was locked up in the Tower of London at the begining of WW2.....then I realized......good grief!
  12. Arrser's I give you the most astute military leader of our times

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  13. What are these "feelings" you humans speak off :? :twisted:
  14. Norman Baillie Stewart. Actually imprisoned from 1933-1937 and emigrated to Austria in 1937. He then moved to Germany where he was a broadcaster of propaganda until Lord Haw-Haw replaced him. He was back in nick after the war and then emigrated to Ireland, where he died in the sixties.