The fitness tests on arrival at catterick

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bradshaw, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. In the first or second week at catterick im told you do a BPFA (Which stands for..?) which a friend told me was all the same stuff as i did at my selection in lichfield but including press-ups and sit-ups. Is this correct? And how many sit-ups and press-ups etc are required in what amount of time?
  2. Basic Physical Fitness Assesment-
    Did you not do pree-ups and sit-ups on selection??
    Depending on your age 44 press ups and 50 situps, in 2 minutes for each.
  3. Mate at this point in the Game you need to stop Flapping,just keep your self ticking over with a nice amount of Phys and you will do just fine !
  4. At selection we did the 1.5 miler, jerry can walk, pull-ups, gym tests etc - no press ups or sit ups.
    Ive heard varying stories on the tests, the scariest bieng that i may even be sent home within the first week if i dont meet the requirements. More often told is that there are three bands of fitness or something, and the band your put in depends on what results you get?

  5. Who makes up all this rubbish
  6. That was actually true with green amber and red scores on the BPFA, i think now with the PFT this has gone.
  7. You dont get sent home. You can get held back while your pt catches up but unless you're a right fat biff you'll be fine.

  8. You think correct
  9. Is there a minimum score for heaves/pull ups on the BPFA or the Army Selection Test?
  10. apparently pullups arent a pass/fail test its just another thing to do
  11. The chappy at my Army Careers Office assured me the only tests on the Army Selection Test are the 1.5 mile run and the jerry can walk. Everything else is to make sure your not a waster, your at a reasonable level of fitness - the level attained by not sitting on your arrse eating lard and smoking forty fags every night (I've got serious work to do) - and your willing to push yourself 200% to strain out that last chin until your muscles fail.

    Can't say for the BPFA, unfortunately.
  12. However, that is the bare minimum pass. As a guide, to get 100% in the old BPFA, you required the following:

    Press Ups - 72
    Sit Ups - 77
    1.5 mile run - 8 min 15 sec

    That is what you should be striving for.
  13. Whoa Nelly. Is that possible!?!!?!
  14. If I remember correctly, the fitness test/assessment on the 1st or 2nd week is:

    1.5 Mile Run

    Jerry Can Carry

    Ammo Tin Lift

    Might have been a sit-up and press-up test in there, although I can't remember there being one. If there is it's a bleep test one, so you have to keep doing sit-ups to the bleeps for about 2 mins.

    The first one is really basic and just to guage your standard of fitness, you won't be sent home if you fail to get the 11:30 that they say is the week 1 pass mark. Don't worry about fitness, when I started this course I was pretty unfit and still managed it, but by week 6 I had knocked off 2 and bit minutes from the run. Stuff like the Jerry Cans and Lift are progressive, so the first test you do 3 lengths of the gym, next test (week 4 or 6) you do 4 lengths etc.

    Don't panic, just give 100% and you will be fine.