The first transsexual in the Armed Forces Is a PONGO.... lol

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Snorkel_Grid, May 1, 2007.

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  1. According to "PINKNEWS" The Sex Swap Para says

    "I have been living as a woman since January, but as far as the Army is concerned I am still a man,"

    "I have a male ID. It would have been humiliating and demeaning for me to turn up for my medical examination dressed in a man's uniform.


  2. The boys in the mortar platoon must just love him / her / it* (*delete as applicable)
  3. Well done ricochet.

    You cunt.
  4. Really?
    A transexual para?

    Its just too much like an open goal isnt it?
  5. Silly question but what was Snorkel doing reading Gay News?

    Surely this publication should offend his national Socialist sensibilites.

    Mind you... wasn't Goering a bit of a Tranny?

    The plot thickens!!
  6. What about the crab Chinook driver. Thought he/she was the first.
  7. She was and to add to Trigger AKA "Snorkel_Grid's" amazing grasp of current affairs this story has been run several times since the 'Hatemail' on sunday ran it on the 1st of april.

    and Dear god let us pray that SG isnt gay we dont want him thanks! You breeders are welcome to the o2 chod jockey
  8. This link says he was the first officer.
    So chinook pilot, who are officers could not of been the first. :D
  9. You seem very well informed on the subject of Trannys Snorkel old boy.

    My only experience was a rather embarrasing misunderstanding in Bangkok.

    When she said she liked it up the bum I thought she meant receiving... :oops:

  10. Will the Army now change its DPM colour to shocking pink ?
    Will mortar rounds have little dresses on them ?

  11. So Who's first :? :?
  12. Yep , It is the same confusion that must go through the minds of those 39 Pongos on line for a Cox and box swap
  13. Nope... but I know a few lads who would use your firm young buttocks as a base plate for their tubes.

  14. I heard that Butt plugs were needed, when walking into Army camps.