The First Time I Was Touched!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flashman_1, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. No, not when the badman came into your bedroom to play bottoms, but the Chinese version of Pop Idol and the very sensible Communist party banning it due to, "the programme (being) misleading and detrimental to society and the image of television."

    While our civil liberties in this country are being slowly eroded away, I for one, wouldn't mind if the government fully suspended them if they would do the same thing here to 'entertainment' like Pop Idol, maybe exchanging it for the live execution of Simon Cowell and Co. for crimes against music and good taste, possibly putting all the Boy Bands that he has created up against the wall too.

    One can dream.
  2. I want to drink a nice chianti out of the head of Pete Waterman for making the radio unlistenable during the late eighties

    He was responsible for the following shite

    1 Kylie Minogue Hand On Your Heart
    2 Bananarama I Heard A Rumour
    3 Rick Astley Giving Up On Love
    4 Lonnie Gordon Happening All Over Again
    5 Mel & Kim Showing Out
    6 Laura Branigan Shattered Glass
    7 Jason Donovan Hang On To Your Love
    8 Kylie Minogue Better The Devil You Know
    9 Boy Krazy That's What Love Can Do
    10 Big Fun Can't Shake The Feeling
    11 Princess Say I'm Your Number One
    12 Donna Summer I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
    13 Divine You Think You're A Man
    14 Hazell Dean Who's Leaving Who
    15 Dead Or Alive Brand New Lover
    16 Rick Astley Together Forever
    17 Brother Beyond The Harder I Try
    18 Bananarama Movin' On
  3. Just turn the TV off and do something else. Sorted.
  4. But you can't avoid it at times, if my creative Zen has run out of juice I hear this sort of pap at the gym on some sort of continuous cycle on MTV or being blared out of some chav's car, or in a bar, its difficult to escape it even when you turn the TV off. The fact is Cowell is still alive and his evil legacy will go on after his death.
  5. Are you saying that the quality of the music that is poured out these days is shiote. If so may I whole heartedly agree with you. There are one or two bands that aren't too bad but the majority , poo! . Lets have a smash a cowel week.
  6. All excellent quality tracks which I proudly have on my ipod :oops:

    As an aside........

    Waterman was a family friend of my first wifes family, he grew up with the ex father-in-law.

    Waterman claims to be 60, ex father in law would ber mid 70's now, (if still going!!)

    Obviously alzheimers is kicking in with old PW :lol:
  7. Again, I am disappointed by a thread............
  8. Pretty much, there is some good stuff but it gets buried beneath the steaming pile of crap that gets pumped out by the big record companies today.

    That F**king song with that woman dancing with an umbrella really gets up my nose at the moment, its supposedly R&B, it's nowhere near the original R&B that came out in the 40's. That and the rest of the mass market rubbish which is the big mac and fries of the music industry. :x
  9. Sorry for the disappointment Bottle, I did need to get it off my chest, surely cannot disagree with the sentiment though?
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Or in the immortal word of WDY....turn off the TV and do somthing less boring instead.

    ehm giving my age away me thinks!