The first rule of mong-fight club...



Done ages ago. Still rather funny though.

Did they have to wear helmets to protect their spongy heads?
The true test of mongliness, standing twelve toes to toes with a brother mong and then slapping him like Barbie going at Ken...come up to scratch can mean so much more in a mong-to-mong combat.

These young mlarrers should be in the Army, 1st Batttalion The Retards "Army Commongos"
Route clearance for IEDs for vehicle patrols-attach an ice cream cone to a stick, and attach said stick to the moon-face in question's head, so its dangling in front of him akin to a carrot on a stick you would use to motivate a donkey. Attach the mong to the first vehicle in the column with one of those extendable dog leads, the mlaaarer will sprint off to get the cone, it always remaining out of reach, thus he'll sprint along about 50m in front of the column, detonating any mines or roadside bombs, with their mong-strength to protect them. Survivors of 3 or more missions get a laboon! Who needs MRAPs?!?!?!
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