The first lateral transferee?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Nige, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. Just a little bit of trivia - I think I have found one of the earliest lateral transfers into the ADF:

    Warrant Officer Ives of the Royal Tank Corps transferred into the ADF in 1938 to assist with instruction in the early days of the Australian Tank Corps.

    It looks like he did well down here, he was later a Major and Chief Instructor of the Armoured Centre in 1945-46

    Info is from 'Australia Armour' by Maj-Gen Hopkins CBE
  2. That's the earliest but could 1 of the last crop be the last???
  3. Nah, she'll be right. Couple of years from now, once the recession is over, there'll be more vacancies :)
  4. Here's hoping!
  5. Hmm, I too was considering putting something on here similar to that what RE-DSO has already mentioned. I'm afraid that if i've heard nothing by January next year then i'll not be taking the leap. I've got far too many other possible avenues to go down without worrying about if i've been accepted into the Australian Army or not.
  6. Likewise. I'm out in Jan 2011. So I'll be out and in my next career before they open the doors again. So will see where I am and then re assess my position about applying.
    Sort of resigned myself that I won't be heading down under. If they aren't taking serving people now, why would they take a retired soldier who will have no current operational experience in a couple of years.
    The dream was nice while it lasted
  7. I'm quite lucky in the fact that despite thinking that my dream might well be over, i've still got 2 years VEng which I am more than happy to take. If Oz then decide to take me on I can easily quit the British Army and take my up-to-date operational experience. Had I not have got VEng then I would be out in April 2011.
  8. I didn't want to be part of the 15%of SNCO's in my Corps that took Veng. So turned it down. My reasoning was if I took Veng I would then take Veng long and would never leave te Army. So I jumped at the first point I could with a full pension.
    Looking back I still think for me I have made the right choice. But time will tell
  9. Exactly. I however took VEng as I know how civvy street is at the minute with the harsh financial climate. VEng has worked well for me in that I know that I can still get out in 2013 to a relatively decent job, or if Australia calls.

    Good luck!!
  10. Is he still serving??? By the looks of some of these lot he could be. lol