The first Christian suicide bomber

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Noir, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. Breivik expected to be killed in attack

    So he was sort of suicide bomber. For years people wonder "Why Are There No Christian Suicide Bombers?” "Is suicide bombings show Islam superiority?". Some assume whatever we think about suicide bombing it's still a mesmerising sign of devotion and lack of it is a deficit of faith. Do Christians lack the devotion or courage necessary to take their lives in pursuit of a greater cause?

  2. I can't see any resemblance of the Norwegian shooter to a Christian suicide bomber. Where did he commit suicide? That is just media sensationalist shite and apologists rubbish. It is also debatable as to whether this was a terrorist attack. It was just the actions of some deranged nut.

    Your links don't work by the way. One you have to log in and the other one brings up an error.
  3. The many European apologists for the beards are absolutely creaming themselves over this Norwegian nutcase. Prepare to see any number of people tarred with the same brush.
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  4. Yep, he wasn't intending to kill himself, he expected that someone would kill him; such actions wouldn't contravene the Christian taboos on suicide. Nothing worth discussing here.

    Anyone replying to this should be aware that the OP is either some kind of fanatical, though inept, Israeli internet propagandist who regularly resorts to distortion and lies to support his/her views,

    is a fanatical Palestinian internet black ( hence Noir?) propagandist, who poses as an inept, lying Israeli propagandist to discredit the Israelis.

    I'm not sure which.

    He/she has also used other identities to post here but abandoned them when they became known. An O2 thief tag is long overdue.

    PS I'd also be inclined to suspect the Norwegian nutter either isn't a devout Christian or else he is from some fringe Christian sect that interprets the 'Love thy neighbour/enemy' bit as 'Kill everyone'.
    Religion does do that to some people.
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  5. Wow! That bored the arse right off me!
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  6. Well he set off a bomb, so he's a bomber. And he went on what he though was a suicide mission. So he's a suicide...bomber. Get it!

    Or should that be suicidal bomber? In truth who really gives a shit what his intentions were or what he stands for. He's another nutcase that the world would be better off without.
  7. As the Koran says... christains and jews are from the same book..

    So in PCness, it's not the same brush, their all abrahamist terrorists
  8. It would be amusing to think that the Templars had an armed revolutionary wing, totally unlinked and deniable of course, like the Sinn Fein/PIRA situation, however I hope he has now been expelled from that organisation.
    Templar and other established symbols do not seem to have been enough for him. It appears that he turned to an Indian firm to design a badge for himself. Not sure where it fits in in his great scheme of things, but a cross or dagger featured in it.
    Report here, there is an annoying pop-up that goes away after about 20 seconds
    Varanasi link in Norway killer's badge of death - The Times of India
  9. I doubt he had any intention of committing suicide. If he had wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, all he needed to do was open fire on the police when they finally turned up. By all accounts he had enough ammo left.

    ABB is a pyscho but he's not stupid; he would have been very aware of Norway's criminal justice system, which is an even bigger joke than the UK's. He can now look forward to spending the next 25 years or so in relative comfort, basking in his "celebrity" status. His only real problem is finding a good agent to deal with all the book and movie offers...
  10. The wooly pully wearing Norsk nonce didn't have the bottle, otherwise he would have been sitting on his parliament bomb wearing ski goggles and a bat cape.

    Instead he's sitting in a police interview room singing like Maria Callas.

    The Norwegians exported their bottle overseas long ago, they are not the descendants of the vikings, as they claim. They are the descendants of those Vikings who chose to stay at home with their mum.

    "Ooh no, Farne Islands in an open boat you say, rape and pillage you say, catholic men in dresses you say, no I can't make it, I'm washing my hair............"
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  11. Suicide bomber: It straps a bomb to itself and commits suicide by blowing itself up along with other people.

    Did he do that? No, he didn't do that, so he's not a bloody suicide bomber.

    He also didn't kill himself on his so called mission so it wasn't a suicide mission. Expecting a chance of being 'killed in action' is not suicide or all soldiers going into action would be suicidal.
  12. The rot set in when they turned Christian...


    Ironically, all the Scandinavian nations are themselves descended from early Germanic Tribes. And the Germans of course managed to keep the whole Rape and Pillage thing going, on a global scale, into the mid-Twentieth Century.:twisted:
  13. It seems that the rot set in with the widespread Aesir / Vannir beliefs in the late sixth century. Life was suddenly so shit they decided that Ragnarok had happened (possibly due to Krakatoa erruption in 535 AD). Even the Romans got fed up and went home.

    After Ragnarok, Odin's son Baldur (the fair) was supposed to return from the dead and rule the nine worlds in a shiny manner where everyone plays nice.

    The appearance of a shiny new God who'd apparently just returned form the dead and thought that the meek should get more than just another kicking, was right up their street, it just took a further six hundred years for all of backwoods scandinavia (Sweden) to catch on.
  14. Your comparisons between Balder the Fair and a certain Immortal Jewish Zombie are well made. On his death bed, the Norman leader Rollo the Walker ordered 100 slaves sacrificed to Odin and Thor. He then donated a huge amount of gold to the Church, on the understanding they would pray for his soul. He covered all his bets.

    My bold: If memory serves, it took a full-blown Crusade against the "heathens" in order to "persuade" them to convert to Christianity.
  15. In the UK there was no crusade, the Aesir beliefs simply petered out. Missionaries sidled up to English kings or their wives, showed them some shiny stuff and the rest is history.

    Christianity was however well established in Britain before the Germanic and Scandinavian types turned up.

    Here in northern Germany the Frankish kaiser Karl der grosse (Charlemagne) gave the heathen lower saxons and friesians a simple choice between the font and the block. Many chose the block, but those conversos who were forced through a christening did not revert. They'd given their word and that was important back then regardless of your belief.

    The Swedes were the last to convert in the twelfth century, they always were a backward inbred bunch of blond *****!