The first Chavette hits a new low

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jim_Karna, May 23, 2006.

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  1. It appears that the Glorious Leader's partner has managed to plumb new depths of tasteless behaviour by autographing a copy of the Hutton Report (or whitewash depending on your viewpoint) into the circumstances surounding the death of Dr David Kelly Guardian Apart from the sheer awfulness of this, presumably the document was paid for privately (as opposed to being HMG property) - I think not.

    What sort of organisation would permit this at a fundraising event? As a final note, I understand the document was donated by Chris "the only gay on the internet" Bryant. Fortunately, he was wearing more than his y-fronts at the time
  2. So...Let me get this straight. Government Scientist voices the opinion that Saddam's vast arsenal of WMDs is probably a load of tosh. Government spin wizards do a number on scientist. Scientist kills himself. Government initiate inquiry. Surprise surprise..inquiry totally exonerates government. Government sends forces to Iraq. Several body bags later and gosh! WMDs. Government shuffles feet and does nothing. Several more body bags later and a copy of said inquiry signed by spouse of Blair the cnut is auctioned for charity. Pass me a large bucket please.
  3. I heard Cherie Blair actually has copies of the Hutton report covered in human skin.
  4. Can we have a show of hands? Who actually believes the official version of Dr Kelly's death?
  5. I'll show my hand, it was suicide by proxy.
  6. I actually laughed. And then I stopped.