The first assault vest?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by EX_STAB, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. Front:

    I've seen a photograph of a Private in No.4 Commando, No.1 Special Service Brigade in Normandy 1944 wearing one of these in addition to '37 webbing and a Bandolier of 303! These are reproduction but look well made. Looks like a pretty good bit of kit actually!
  2. Are you sure that's the first version?

    I'm sure the ones I've seen before didn't have the cut-outs on the back.

    From what I've read there were a lot of complaints about them being too warm. Quite understandable I suppose, especially if you were wearing one over a wool uniform.
  3. Saw one being warn by a bootie in NI during the 80's, he had spray painted it in a kind of camo pattern. Also think that they got issued to 'Assualt Bn's' for D Day.
  4. Are You sure?
  5. I think they made the gaps a little to small to fit the molle pouches though. Back to the blacksmith for that one, RQ :D
  6. US Rangers had these kind of things also.
  7. Does this count? WW1 Grenade vest (American I think):
  8. I'd agree.

    I remember when you could pick those vest up for peanuts; genuine wartime dated too. Even the copies are expensive now. Check out Mike Chappell's 'Infantry Equipments (2) 1908-2000' (Osprey Military) for more on that vest.

    See Saving Private Ryan for the septic version.

    I've also seen a photo of a 'Grenade Apron' in use in WWI. Tabard design with loads of pockets for Mills Bombs. The Yanks made something similar but their's was more like a chest rig. They made sh*t loads in 1918 just in time to not need them. Re surfaced in WWII in the Pacific Campaign with USMC using them to carry shotgun shells.
  9. Random task beat me to it! With a picture too.
  10. [​IMG]
    One of the Yank ones.
  11. pre dates the "Ally" concept. :D
  12. And I thought none rip stop cotton gabadine was retro :D
  13. Modern times..






  14. I remember reading an article about these a few years ago seems someone wanted these to be standard issue to all british troops but some general opposed as they didnt look smart as webbing and didnt have enough brass parts to polish :eek:
  15. That sounds like a proper Army myth!