the Fire service and TA ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by semper, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. from what i know, police officers cannot serve in the TA.

    what about the Fire service can anybody from the service be a member of the TA ?
    hope someone can clear that up for me, thanks
  2. We've got 2 coppers and 1 fireman in our Coy, lots more in the battalion.

    Don't know where you've got that from dude :wink:
  3. Rubbish, we had a copper in our unit he joined the TA before police. Soon left though after getting called up for Telic 1

    We have a fireman in our unit at the moment. Well have you ever met a fireman without a second job. He gets loads of freetime so gets loads of days in. I'm sure he is due another 30% pay increase soon :lol:
  4. Police can it just depends on the Chief Constable in question. I believe the fire service are the same.
  5. we had a CID plod in our unit and another just joined plod.
  6. In the case of being a copper, i think you can only have a specified number from any particular force in the TA at one time, e.g. only five coppers from (county) constabulary can be in the TA. If all the places have been taken, tough luck.

    Or i might be talking out of my arrse. Any coppers help me out here?
  7. Most fire brigades only allow a certain number to join, so it's one out, one in. Had a CSgt join the fire brigade and he had to leave the TA as they were up to their 'quota'.
  8. Because they're reserved occupations, police officers and firemen have to get permission from their own hierarchy to join the TA.

    Probationers from either are unlikely to get the permission.

    We've had a few of each, but quite often the ones who want to get on in their profession call it quits, as they try to juggle the commitments involved.

    Have no experience when it comes to their being called up - not sure how MOD reacts to the Chief Constable or Chief Fire Officer saying "no, they're not going".
  9. We had coppers on Telic 2 and Telic 4 and both were mobilised with relative ease, no problems from their employers. They are both in different police forces and were the only ones to be called up as far as i'm aware.
  10. thanks for clearing that up, i stand corrected re the police, cheers.
  11. Has anyone noticed the irony of a fireman joining the TA?

    FRESCO anyone?
  12. Does anyone know if a similar rule applys to Paramedics?
  13. We have policemen in our unit , and at least one fireman I know is a secret air soldier.
  14. Be interesting to know what happens when they strike again and he's called up as TA to stand in... what will his trumpton friends say?

    STAB or SCAB!!!! :lol: