The Finnish Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Run_Charlie!, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Its nice to see that the Royal Signals are still up to scratch.
  2. The instructors seem very patient.
  3. Remind me never to deploy with those cretins.

    Apologies if that was the Special Educational Needs Regiment of the Finnish Army.
  4. WTF - this is a double Wah! These barstewards Grandfathers fought the Red Army to a standtsill in 1940.

    It is a Wah isn't it?
  5. Was that a video of the TA on a foreign annual camp?
  6. Guessing that they're conscripts?

    *awaits wah*
  7. Are they wearing wellies?

    Definite sign of inbreeding wellies!!
  8. Wellies? yer damn right they do, they get issued with them.

    It does seem little hard to beleive that they kicked Red arse in the Winter War when you look at the descendants though...
  9. wtf?

    That's the worst soldiering I've ever seen. I thought at first he'd been seriously injured. I think the Finnish army needs to sort out some decent PR sharpish!
  10. Oi Fellas!

    Give them a break. Remember in Finland you get up in April and go back to sleep in November until the sun comes up again. They're knackered. Plus the idea is to let the enemy roll over you and to use your 66 on the supply column (which is all a 66 is good for).

    Am I Finnish?.... No I've only just started to rant
  11. Misread this and thought it said is the Army finished?!
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    What a complete waste of oxygen that throbber is. Probably gay :)
  13. Not so much wellies as, well...maybe they're modelling themselves on that other great military power who did very well at killing Russians and are wearing jackboots?
  14. Well, just finnished my national service with the Finnish Marines "due to being half Finnish" and what a couple of cnuts. Its quite an old video, because they are wearing the old style tin helmets. Also you can tell there new conscripts, because they are wearing wellies, you get issued boots after a while, i got mine on week 6.
    Some one mentioned they're being abit easy on them, well they are getting a gob full and a half of language. Vittu=cnut, used as we use fcuk. aswell as some other fruity words.
    Also they're a Finnish speaking unit, so not as good as us Swedish speaking Finns!
    I think the retarded one is probably only on a 4 month enlistment so cant be arsed to make the effort.