The Finest Irish Whiskies

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by caubeen, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. In my current dreary loc, devoid of company or stimulation, I fell to leafing through my notebook of tastings of various Irish whiskies, and will be most grateful for others' impressions of their gustatory experiences.

    In my book, literally and metaphorically, the first place must go to Jophn jameson's "Crested Ten" for its combination of fine quality, smoothness and value for money.

    Now - lets have as many informed opinions as possible!
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Are you Irish? There's a thing.

    Were you a Brigadier?

    Are you now a pathetic Walter Mitty?
  3. I thought you preferred scotch...... a good single-walt of course.
  4. This week's antics by you and the other Mods/COS - allegedly grown men with serious service to your credit - of how ********* can sit around and snipe at, or bugger up, perfectly intelligent threads that may invigorate the ARRSE comminity.

    Load of ******* and shits!
  5. Colin, I have to say this as a...'friend', but your spelling has deteriorated somewhat and I am finding your posts a tad embarrassing. Is it the alcohol..........or the madness?

  6.'s the madness.
  7. Not taking the hint, Mate, are you?

    As popular as the Canine Defence League at a Korean BBQ but you still keep ploughing on with no sober man at the helm; to mix roughly half a dozen metaphors.

    Now, Caubeen, do us a favour and bu66er off before you make the cadet forces look even more stupid.

    I'm sure that in the world of shooting highland quadrupeds and little dickie birds you are deservedly something of a senior dick waver but this is the big boy's league and there are big dicks with service time swinging in the sack below them so grow up and either prove your case with something credible or get back to culling those funny cow shaped things with TV aerials on their heads.

    To give you some guidance, a couple of anecdotes based in the mess such as...." and the time that the subbie at Buller Barracks, after drinking creme de menthe, bowked great quantities of luminous green chunder over the padre during Boops Upside Your Head when the Dutch Marines were visiting...."

    Just a few of these non public domain, non nose tapping type of things that those who were there would remember would prove you are kosher without exposing your identity.
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    This is the ARMY rumour service. Not the Walter Mitty Fantasy service.

    Your education does not excuse your behaviour. Threads you may judge as "perfectly intelligent" are ultimately flawed, simply because a liar like yourself initiated them.

    Please retreat back into your falconry, fishing, whatever else you (claim) to do.

    Whatever you do, just fuck off away from your computer, and this site in particular.
  10. But we like him.
  11. Mods, is it not possible to immediately lock every thread that this pathetic, nauseating cunt starts?

  12. But you will make Canteen Cowboy get out of bed again......

    And if I call cor-has-been a lying cunt again, I might get told off.
  13. Pipe down old girl!

    I'll have you know I have memorised every ordanance survey grid between Keady and Tandragee, and am thus beyond doubt none other than Rear Admiral Sandy 'Jock' Fischer, First sea Lord of the Admiralty and a personal friend to Princess Michael of Kent.

    Now away with you! Proletarian slattern!
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Not open for further replies.