The financing of terrorism

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The financing of terrorism through capital from a legitimate source

Exclusively for Zone-H readers, we present the full version of the study on international terrorism financing schemes anticipated by the previous article of Simona Sapienza.
The financing of Islamic terrorism

1. Differences and similarities between money-laundering and terrorism financing trough capital from a legitimate source (money-dirtying)

2. Possible channels used by terrorist organizations for self-financing and receiving funds

2.1 Investments in off-shore countries 2.2 Trade in precious stones 2.3 Over-invoicing 2.4 Payment of the zakat 2.5 Islamic banking transactions 2.6 Islamic investment funds

3. The use of different payment systems to transfer sums designed to finance the international terrorism

3.1 The traditional banking channel: wire-transfers 3.2 Internet banking 3.3 Money Transfer 3.4 Hawala 3.5 Internet payment systems

4. Legislative measures to combat the financing of international terrorism

4.1 International legal instruments 4.2 Measures adopted by the European Community 4.3 FATF Nine Special Recommendations 4.4 Counter measures adopted in Italian legislation
see the full study downloading the file (218kb) by clicking on this link:

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