The financial differences between a regular and a mobilised

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by spain, Feb 24, 2010.

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  1. Are you aware that when a reservist deploys on ops he can claim a number of allowances that are not available to a regular soldier. He can claim to put his dog in kennels or for it to have daily walks. He can claim to keep his garden trimmed. He can claim for childcare. This is not the full list or an exhausive description. The one thing that I find hard to understand is that he can pay his mother or a friend to do these things! How do we know if the money goes to his mother or is it just a perk for him? When I deploy my wife does it all, doesn't make any difference that she works full time or not.
  2. Are you aware that when a regular deploys (and indeed when he is not deployed) he can claim a number of benefits such as a great pension, subsidised housing, free dental care...zzz

    Etc etc

  3. and your point is?
  4. Muppet,

    No your mummy can’t do it because every reasonable claim has to be receipted (Mummy’s gardening service doesn’t count) and proved that it wasn’t possible by close family.

    i.e. working family with 2 kids and both in full time jobs child care is available IF being away means you can’t arrange to get the kids from school etc,

    working family no kids but a dog, same as above, but with dog care.

    The regs don’t get it because it’s there only job, the TA is a "casual labour" not a part time job so it compensates us for the inconvinence of being called up,
    But this system was design for the brown envelope being drop at your door step, (being pushed to go)
    Not put your hand up if you fancy it,(asking to go)

    Plus when the regs get dirty (and dirt cheap) houses, free medical (Dental isn't free on the NHS) care and prescriptions, they get their fair share of perks to.

    “ONE ARMY” will never exist because they have to be totally different for reasons above my pay scale.

    Other wise STABS would be entitled to houses, cheap private school, free medical care, life insurance,pension
    But would lose the bounty, and these “perks” as you call it on tour

    Now think if it went the other way round the regs came to our TACOS what would you loose?????

    So stop whinging and man up!
  5. TA soldiers are also issued larger DPM clothing due to their obesity.
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    Just as well though, as i only do it for the money. :roll:
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