The "Final" word on Uniform allowance?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. JSP 572 States

    [align=justify]08.0116. Uniform Upkeep Grant (UUG). The UUG enables eligible personnel to maintain those items of their authorised scale of outfit. The UUG is to cover expenditure arising during the Tax Year (6 April to 5 April). Reserve and Cadet Force officers are entitled to the full UUG for the year during which they become eligible, so long as they are required to wear uniform in the course of undertaking training or other duties, and are on the Reserve or Cadet Force’s effective strength on the date on which payment is due. [/align]

    [align=justify]FEMALE CLOTHING GRANT
    08.0201. Aim. The aim of the Female Clothing Grant (FCG) is to make a token contribution towards the costs necessarily incurred by all female non-commissioned Service personnel and female Cadet Force instructors who are required to purchase items of clothing that are not issued to them at public expense (ie tights and/or petticoats), but which they are required to wear as part of their uniform.[/align]

    I have filled out all the information and have never received this allowance. Can anyone tell me:

    1. How much is this?

    2. How to I have to grip to get it?
  2. My last UUG was the princely sum of £12. I've never had to ask for it, it just 'comes up with the rations'.

    I'm interested in the grant for fems though - a couple of my AIs could benefit from this. Please let me know if you unearth anything.
  3. Got mine in January this year and it was £485
  4. If the female grant is anything like the Regs, it's more effort doing the paper work than it's worth to claim the few pounds given to buy tights. Apart from which how often do your AIs wear petticoats? :lol:
  5. Not as often as I'd like old boy ;)
  6. Old girl if you would :wink:
  7. I probably would ;)
  8. Tart...............................and any minute now there will be outcry telling us to get a room :lol:
  9. get a room ;)
  10. I have been trying to get it for almost two years. Who did you speak to in your district/bde to get it?
  11. I have been trying to get it for almost two years. Who did you speak to in your district/bde to get it?[/quote]

    What, a room? :lol:
  12. What, a room? :lol:[/quote]

    Wa Wa Wa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no. lol
  13. Got it when I joined,will ask what the form number is,standby..................
  14. Yeah I sent off my docs already and it STILL has not arrived!!!!