the final straw?

Typical Police BS.

All villains wear hats now do they?

I presume anyone in a stripy top, with a ball and chain and a bag stencilled with the word SWAG will also be ordered to remove them before they can have a pint!

It's discrimination. No more, no less.

Supposedly headgear has to be removed in so many places, but would anyone insist that these people remove theirs?

Thought not. So why the fuss about a flat cap?
Muppet, should have said it was part of his religion (middle east preferably) and even asking him to take it off is blaspehmous and you will take him to the high court as you wasnt actually born here.

What shite, reminds me of the time i got kicked out of witherspoons as i was a "NAZI" yup a nazi because i had jeans , trenchcoat and boots on ( Boots were brasher hillmasters, mountain boot) i should have worn a turban or kappa.

/ramble off...
What a load of guff. The old boys will take their caps off indoors most likely anyway. The copper just wants a clearer view of the chavs on cctv. You never know they may even stop arresting people for feck all.

Edited to add- But I fucking doubt it.
just tell them your wearing it for religious reasons and they will soon shit themsleves back to the station !
As a devout follower of the Religion that supercedes all others, I of the Church of Yorkshiremen who doth worship Blacksheep RiggWelter Ale, do as part of my garb wear the aforementioned flat cap - but never in the pub; like ones beret as you enter the Mess gets hung up on a peg or stuffed in your sky rocket.

Yet if I wanted to keep my head covered during the rites of Riggwelter Worship, Coldstream stylee, I would.

Any decent pub would have a Landlord who would sling out the unruly chav mongs who seem to have permeated into every edifice of society.

Good pub :

No football shirts (Rugby shirts allowed of course!)
No base-ball caps
No essex tartan (Burberry) etc.
No shorts or Sports gear (Joddies and riding out gear excepted!)
No Kids (therefore no pushchairs to trip over on the way to the 'used beer decanting department').
No Carpets (kind of hard for the dog to find a non-sticky bit to sleep on)
No Jukebox (doris chavmong magnet)
No Slot Machines (chavmong magnet)
Dogs Allowed

Surely it's up to the Landlord who wears what in his public house!


CCTV in a pub? WHY?

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