The Final Solution

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. To end the fucking number of soaps on our screens I have come up with the Soap Final Solution.

    Terrorist cells operating out of the areas of Walford, Coronation Street and Rural Emmerdale are to carry out a co-ordinated attack using dirty bombs unfortunately they all go off before they get out of the smelly bedsits they reside in taking out the immediate areas including all characters.

    Yes I am bored.
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  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not Corrie St, it's the only one I watch.
  3. Sad northern soap tv walt.
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  4. Abomination St more like.

  5. A perfectly natural response of functioning brain cells to soap operas. Nothing to be worried about.

    I would say, though, that your solution lacks an element of sexual humiliation for the main characters. Can we substitute 'bukakke bomb' for 'dirty bomb'?
  6. Can they also take out the entire American sitcom,talent show and reality TV industry at the same time?
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  7. Here's something that might help your telly viewing woes

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  8. What's a soap opera?? Is it some kind of kinky pantomine?
  9. I can tell that you are a single man with no kids.

    PS Can I add Ben 10, Toy Story,The f*cking Wiggles and Roary the frigging Racing Car to the list?
  10. I'd rather see some sort of zombie soap apocalypse, where all the characters who've been killed off/left the series, or actually died come back as zombies and eat the current cast.
  11. Peppa pig, team umizoomi and the little kingdom. Parents uniiiiiittteee!!!!
  12. Zombies aren't notoriously big on bukkake though. Where's the bukkake?
  13. Emmerdale and heres why..................the bender is for political correctness so I am not accused of being a virulent stud

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  14. Zombie bukakke, could be the next big thing in the horror/porn market. Imagine hordes of zombies staggering along after some blonde bimbo, before finally cornering her and covering her in yellow/green, lumpy, rotting spaff.

    Hitting your local branch of Blockbuster in 2012!
  15. No Yes NO N...well maybe with the lights turned down and a Barry Manilow track on.

    I'll get me coat