The final sea voyage of a British Icon,The Harrier GR9

A sad end to a British ledgend.

THEY stand poignantly framed against the setting sun — the skeletal remains of Harrier jets that were once the pride of the RAF.

The tarpaulin-shrouded planes were pictured in Southampton, in what was the final glimpse of them before they were shipped to America to be broken up for spare parts.

The Harriers were famously featured in an iconic report from the 1982 Falklands War.
I blame SOI.
This had me giggling from the Apache takes out Taliban Bod story. Good on them for taking he bloke out but the writing is cringe worthy.

A TALIBAN commander in Afghanistan has been wiped out by a Hellfire missile from a British Apache helicopter.
The vital strike came during a daring mission by 40 brave Riflemen and Afghan comrades to flush out insurgents holed up in a "safe haven".

The gunship swooped when the troops came under heavy enemy fire in the Kopak region of Nahr-e Saraj, Helmand Province.

Its missile targeted one of the Taliban fighters — later revealed as a top commander who was orchestrating deadly missions against Our Boys.
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