The final nail in Bliars coffin?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CrapSpy, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. That was good to read as at least it gives you a bit of perspective compared to the "extracts" that some of the newspapers have been quoting.

    The second paragraph in the summary clearly states that a second resolution would be required...

    This is a bit different to the sinking of the Belgrano!
  2. No it doesn't. It says that he is of the opinion that the safest legal position would be to obtain a second resolution, but he also goes onto to say that a case for action without the resolution could be made.

    Nowhere in this document does it say that action is illegal. In fact he states that a case could be made either way and ultimatley it would be up to a court to decide (he also goes onto question how it would get to court, which court and who would be prosecuting who).

    However, I still agree with the original post. There is a distinct lack of WMD and 45 mins mentioned in this paper!
  3. Did I mention the word illegal? I don't think I did!

    Your re-hash is almost as good as that of TCB himself; thanks for that. As I said, it clearly suggests a second resolution is needed.
  4. Now you have changed your statement to "clearly suggests" from "clearly states". There is a big difference. At least my re-hash was accurate! I banged on about legality because if he had "clearly stated" that a second resolution was required the action would, by default, have been illegal. Did you actually read the paper or just scan the summary?
  5. 23C

    23C Clanker

  6. :lol:


    BTW Gonzo I did read it, whether I say states/suggests; the point is they did not get a second resolution, we were not told about that caveat, or in fact of any caveats: the guy should be impeached.
  7. Agreed.
  8. Before we all lose heart, just remember the first reaction of the red-tabbed grown ups when the invasion of Iraq was first mooted.

    Yes Bluppet drove a coach and four through common sense and historical precedent, but remember......

    There are still wise heads out there.
  9. Was it a legal order? Yes - OK No problems lets go and invade. No it ain't a legal order then Admiral Sir ? Boyce ?CDS at the time - it's him but what title it is escapes me. So do we arrest Gen Sir Mike? Or do I go to Gaol 'for prosecuting an aggressive war'. Scary thought and I'm too old for HM security nonsense!!
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  11. Has the clip been removed?