The filum "Revolver" by that Ritchie geezer!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bugsy, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. One of my brothers sent me this filum a couple of weeks ago, with the remark that he was unable to understand it. "Coz yer a t'ickie," t'inks oi ta meself,

    But I've now watched it twice, and I'm Donald Ducked if I understand what's going on in it!

    My lovely wife also watched it with me and admitted that she didn't understand it either. Although she said she wasn't too concerned about that but more with the fact that Jason Statham was in it.
    "Jassona Stathama issa lovely a mann!" was her expert summing up of the filum. :D :D :D

    So has anybody else seen it and can give me a clue, please?

  2. I watched it for the first time last week & thought it was a load of cr*p.

    As you say, it's very confusing in places yet also fairly predictable at the same time. It took me all of 3 seconds to guess who his prison pals were. :roll:
  3. Alas! Revolver. Twas shyte Horatio!
  4. I am of the same opinion coulden't make head nor tail of it all, a bit of a let down, Guy Ritchie is obviously fireing all the blanks up Madge and on screen...come on lets have more of the old violence we know he can produce....our own brit version of Quentin Tarantino...
  5. I just found this on IMDb...

    Sounds just like a lot of old tosh but it may help.

    It is anything but an action movie. If you seek Snatch-like experience you would better keep away from Revolver. Otherwise, after you have made an effort to watch it, you will be blaming Ritchie for making a total botch, like many do.

    Revolver is made in the widely recognizable Ritchie way, but the happenings shown are not meant to tell a story, because the story is irrelevant here. What is important are the characters and their inner side. Taking this fact into consideration, one may see Revolver as modern poetry. And poetry is not popular today. One always desires an reasonable ending, a linear story and crystal clear characters. This movie does not provide anything of those. Everything is fuzzy and dissolve somewhere. That is why Revolver is so painful for many of contemporary viewers.

    If you decide to watch it, don't read the rest before you have seen it. You will adore or hate it after all. That can be guaranteed.

    We always want more and more, looking for any opportunity to feed our always hungry ego stuffed with the whole spectrum of desires. Since the very beginning we have been told that money equals power. And it happens to be true in Gold's world that we live in - the civilization. Dollar, pound, euro are as cold as mathematics is. They offer no excuses in their lexicon. And separate us from the real world. Everyone has hidden Gold inside. And even if you found yourself chained to him, you must realize that it is possible to embrace him and ignore his tapping for nutrition. This is the message of the movie. And is literally repeated throughout the movie.

    Although you may feel that Ritchie stole from Fight Club, don't be misled. And even if he did a little - I don't care (almost - the missing rating star)! So be it! Fincher's movie touches similar issues but from another perspective and in different way. Here no-one is schizophrenic and even if was, that would change nothing. Jake fought his Gold giving it away in bags full of dollars and faced it in the elevator. Macha's Gold defeated his host. And it would stay valid, even if everything that happened was only Jake's prison delusions.

    The film is played very well. Actors deliver a profoundly implosive performance. Just to mention the happenings around the elevator - in one word, incredible! The talk with Macha, then the 13th floor, and the final meeting downstairs.
  6. there was some good bits... and some damn right confusing bits. on after viewing i was asked some questions... fucked if i could answer any of them