The filthbag Olympics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. So, we all know that soldiers are Pure Gold winners at being animals in between the sheets.... but add you can this pure Gold moment in the fithbag Olympics

    I knew that guy called minty was dancing around naked at Large Coaltion Ex and squeezed one down on table in infront of fellow American cousins during and the R and R phase. And one spam said 'you guys are crazy' and Mr minty turned around and said 'you aint seen nothing yet' where he preceeded to get the turd and eat the fecker. Also I have also witnessed fellow members eating the toilet cubes out of the urinals. Never have I witnessed so many grow men vomit and faint.... :p

    Pure Gold

    What has been your pure gold moment at the filthbag olympics???
  2. The Aussies in Malacca used to play a game called "King Fang", the purpose of which was to fang all sorts of improbable object, e.g. fluffy moths , cockroaches, chitchats, etc. The really sure way to win was get someone else to crap on a NAAFI plate, coat the brown trout liberally with chilli sauce, then get it down yer.
    As bitterandtwisted said, strong men quailed.... :puker: :hungry: :pukel:
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I once saw a Royal Navy Stoker whilst perfectly sober, eat a piece of un-digested sweetcorn he had found whilst cleaning out the ship's sewage treatment plant. In other words he was in a big tank full of rotting human shit, fished out a juicy piece of corn and chowed down on it for all to marvel at.
  4. A good game of Freckles is always an eye-opener for the uninitiated.
    I once saw a bloke eat a shit sandwich with Tommy K on it in return for a pint, & also saw another guy drink a pint of lager in one after first stretching the gusset of a WRAC girl's dirty knickers over the glass first. Yum Yum!
  5. to win a bet of a pint one guy drank someones elses piss - fems and still warm, when he threw it up he proceeded to drink that to - got and extra pint for it
  6. I used to warm NAAFI Pies in a tampon incinerater, cover with lashings of Red Sauce and eat.
  7. who can forget soggy biscuit type of games
  8. witnessed a bloke drink five pints then spew them perfectly into the empty glasses,after which he necked them back again! 8O

    remember a time in bessbrook,came off patrol and was asked by our desk bound rodney to make him a brew,after skiffing and rimming my bellend around the rim,i added some of my man juice into the brew,just for that extra touch. :twisted:
  9. THIS IS A CLASSIC.......

    Whilst sitting in the Mess for Mothers Day Lunch two years ago, an old friend of mine revealed, in front of all the families, for a bet he had sucked his mate off in Canada for 200 dollars, cue beer and food being spewed in all directions, wives open mouthed in disbelief, squaddies on the floor unable to move!! he then proceeded to tell us that it didn't really go to plan anyway as the other guy couldn't rise to the occasion! I asked him if he got his money anyway to which he replied "I couldn't take it he was a mate"!!

    Still makes me bloody chuckle 2 years on!!!
  10. This is so priceless!

  11. I once met somebody who claimed he was both in the RAF and a soldier.
  12. now he must be lying jibber! :lol: i hope you pointed out his error! :wink:
  13. I would have... But I was too busy being sick at the horror of it!
  14. i can detect your trauma as you typed your last,raf parading as soldiers,next you,ll be telling me homo,s are allowed to enlist. :roll:
  15. OK then this might fit. Has anyone seen 'Four Girls Fingerpainting'?