The film Cloverfield

Can anyone tell me why they have an Abbot SPG in it in the fighting bit with the M1 Abrams MBT? Just curious as they never (to my knowledge) had them 8O
Are you trying to say that its not real!?..............................
'Cos the film's a big pile of Hollywood sh1te, and should have been named 'Sh1tefield'?... :?
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I think you will find that its because the Americans are far more reluctant to sell their surplus amoured vehicles on the civillian market. Whereas our own glorious MOD will do anything to turn a buck and see no problem with dumping weaponry on the streets.
I think you will see a fair amount of Ex Brit stuff tipping up in Hollywood blockbusters, ive seen 432s masquerading as M113s etc in one (name escapes me at the moment) and ferrets aswell.
A Saracen in Judge dredd was good for me. For our younger readers it was a fine piece of kit, not an arab on a horse.
They had 432's in band of brothers with stuff bolted on to look like jerry bits of kit
So really it's a cheap way of fooling the civvies :roll: