The film Black Panther has been released...

I wonder if the people who are extolling this silly superhero movie would do the same if it was plagiarised word for word and shot for shot, but with an all-white cast and was renamed something along the lines of "The Clansman".
Song and dance about some fantasy comic...
Meanwhile, a 'cultural' film gets X-rated.

#Inxeba reclassified to X18, banned from mainstream cinemas | IOL Entertainment

Effectively, it is Brokeback Mountain featuring black chaps during the 'initiation' season.

the whole Xhosa nation in an uproar.

What they DON'T get in an uproar about is the 200-odd chaps who die each year from septicemia, dehydration and assault.
Or the dozens who have to have their penises amputated after the 'procedure' goes wrong. 80% of these guys end up topping themselves.
As opposed to the Blade series of films or anything with Denzel in it, which attracted no racial hysteria.

I would be fearful of going to watch this new flick or I may get lynched for cultural appropriation. Snowflake me up.

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