The file the DWP doesn't want you to see.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. You're a spastic.
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  2. Now, now. Airfilter might write like an idiot and look like an idiot, but don't let that fool you, he really is an idiot.
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  3. Quite frankly, if we required them to dance like monkeys in return for their benefit, we should be allowed to do so. We are paying their 'wages', why shouldn't they do stuff in return? I think we should get a load to dress up as medieval court jesters and prance around the streets with inflated pigs' bladders on sticks. It might lift the mood, and at least we would know we were getting something in return for our money.
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  4. And with that, the thread should be closed. All the pertinent information is now here.
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  5. With exception to benefit cheats, this is where you are wrong, we have such thing as the law of the land in this country which (thank god) rules supreme and can not be deviated from.

    A neighbour of mine looked at All benefit claimants as pure scum, until she lost her well paid job 3 months ago and was forced to claim benefits herself, now her attitude has changed, she knows that her chances of re employment are slim because of her age (early 60's) and she now goes about with a face of thunder about her.

    Point being that War on benefit claimants and the humiliation and intimidation of such people is wrong, for it is a fact in this day and age that you never know when you could be a claimant of state benefits yourself.

    70,000 more people became unemployed in the latest unemployment figures released this week, are you honestly saying that these people have now become stigmatised and are now the enemy of the state ??

    Employing a Stazi type underhanded attitude of humiliation and intimidation towards the genuine claimant serves no moral purpose whatsoever.
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  6. I can't wait,

    View attachment 119159

    Everyone knows that benefit claimants have dirty bottys.
  7. Excellent news, I'll retire at 50 and move to Asia, neck Champagne until I die.
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  8. Air Filter is the perfect mong for highlighting what is wrong with the benefit system, it has bred fucksticks such as him who think it is perfectly acceptable for other people to pay his way for his entire life.
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  9. Quite right, just this very morning I was looking at properties in Koh Samui and very pleased that I've always worked for a living.

  10. To Katoey or not to Katoey, that is the question.
  11. It's dreadful having to work for a living so I'll go to Vietnam this winter. Due to not being a scrounger I'll fly business class, be chauffeur driven and drink champagne the whole flight.
    I hope the scroungers enjoy their week in Skegvegas.
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  12. In all fairness, being chauffeur driven is pretty standard when your travelling in an airliner.
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  13. Give Ryanair a couple more years.