The Fight of Their Lives Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by TheresaMay, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    For those of you who witnessed arguably one of the greatest ever boxing matches back in 1995, and indeed one of the most tragic - the documentary recalling that memorable night is on ITV1 tonight at 2235.

    For those of you that never saw it, Nigel Benn was a 14-1 outsider at the time, and got battered all around the ring in Round 1 (and out of it too IIRC) but somehow managed to win - at a great cost to his opponent. It has not been broadcast ever since.

    Worth a butchers for all those boxing fans who from time to time, have found themselves asking why the Ref stopped a fight...
  2. Cheers for the heads up, I'd forgotten this was on.
  3. One of our great fighters Nigel had the heart of a lion, stuck with his army connections too, even when he was making big money there were always freebee tickets for the boys
    in the RRF.

    He disappeared to Cyprus i think?? tax perhaps or some thing sinister.

    I had a spar with him and Horace Notice, when Horace came across to BFG to support his younger brother( dreadlocks under a reme badged beret)
    during an inter sqn match in Detmold, coupla nice guys
  4. In the prog he had a nice pad on Mallorca, Porsche, pool, the boy done good. And from what I could understand of McClellan's character pre-fight Benn did much to improve it...
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Thats the impression I got, my sympathy level dropped below floor level after his sisters revelations...
  6. Amazing fight.
    I remember Benn being completely written off by the pundits before the match. He 'simply didn't have what it would take' to defeat McClellan. well he certainly proved his mettle that night.
  7. An absolute all time classic, gladiators contest. One of them was always going to be carried out the ring.
    Benns will to win was incredible, but you could clearly see at the time there was something wrong with McClellan.

    The ref blaming the corner, the corner blaming the ref, Emanual Stewart blaming McClellan, all very sad.
    Thought Barry McGuigan came across well, but remember he killed a lad early in his career as well.
  8. Outstanding documentary. McClellans trainer in the sailors cap though was as mad as a box of frogs.
  9. McClellan was a horrible **** and used to mistreat animals, he liked to hurt people to. Providence can be a bitch! One of the greatest fights I have ever seen, possibility though Benn was juiced up to ****!
  10. I've recorded it and yet to watch. I'd forgotten all about this fight until reminded with the pre-programme clips. One's urine has been heat treated already and I have to say that I cannot understand the 'bleating 'Mama' asking how anyone that has tried to kill another man, can sleep at night. Call me old fashioned an' all that but but weren't both men consenting and 'knowing the risk' adults?
    Very much looking forward to seeing it.
  11. The lad was into dog fighting in a big way and had a tattoo of a bull mastiff (?) on his right deltoid.
  12. Even if you are not into pro boxing, I'd strongly recommend sports folks to see this film. It's a very human story which is particularly well articulated from a genre of boxers whom you would surmise would struggle to string a few cliche free sentences together. Boxers - Jim Watt, Bruno, MuGuighan and coaches Brendan Ingle and Kevin Saunders are the principal 'talking heads' I thought Alfred Asaro's comments particularly relevant. Mc Clelland had changed his coach before this fight which appeared not to have been the best of decisions.

    Don King and Frank Warren manage a few moments of positive PR having contributed an un-contracted sum of half a million US dollars towards Mc Clelland's welfare. It's a well made sports documentary and well worth a view.

    As for Nigel B, he's become a bit of a fat 'arrse' despite the gym he's designed into his house. Yea, I know, a rich fat arse and very hard earned at that.
  13. Watched the recording this aft and I just don't remember the hype that was generated at the time! There may have been some substance in a few of the complaints that were bandied about after the fight as to why who should have beaten who. Benn certainly hung on by the skin of his teeth a couple of times and yet he was supreme at other stages. Called a bleedin' good fight in the book I think.

    For McClelland's mad trainer to come out 12 yrs later claiming Benn was diddling in steroids was quite frankly laughable... yeah, as a box of puddicks.

    Compulsive viewing.
  14. Was a bloody good fight, remember watching it on Sky. I had it on video, along with most of the post 1991 fights involving Benn, Naseem, Bruno, and Eubanks. 8 house moves and 15+ years later, no idea where they are. Simply remember that fight as being one of the most ferocious I ever saw. Got Benns autograph on a picture of my son, bumped into him at the World of Commodore event in 94? 95? and had a natter and he was kind enough.
  15. For those of you who didn't get a chance to watch the programme and have access to YouTube, the fight is available on there in 5 or 6 recordings covering a couple of rounds or so each:

    YouTube - Benn vs McClellan