The Fight forBritish citizenship REME Soldiers Wife

Discussion in 'REME' started by Bag4life, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. The wife of a soldier faces deportation as her husband prepares to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Samantha Crozier with her children Celeb and Ethan, has been given until April 30 to leave the country

    Canadian-born Samantha Crozier, 23, has been given notice by the Home Office to leave the country by April 30, when her temporary visa expires after her application for British citizenship was refused.
    Mrs Crozier, who has a British mother, Antoinette, claims their children, Ethan, two, and Celeb, one, will have to be put into care while her husband, Lance Corporal Andrew Crozier, is sent on a tour of duty after he completes training. Mrs Crozier says she has spoken to 15 other Army wives facing deportation.
    Mrs Crozier moved to England with her husband, also 23, in October last year. She said MoD officials failed to tell her of the complicated procedure to become a British citizen.

    Ethan and Celeb, who were born while her husband was posted to Osnabruck, Germany, were awarded full British citizenship and Mrs Crozier applied for a Status Stamp at the British embassy in Dusseldorf. The stamp allowed her to stay in Germany at the UK base for five years. She was stopped at Newcastle ferry port by Customs and Excise and advised to apply for citizenship. She said she was told that because she her husband was born in Northumberland her application would be successful. However, Mrs Crozier received a letter last month, the day after her birthday, from the Home Office rejecting her application.

    It read: "You have applied for leave to remain in the United Kingdom on the basis of your marriage to Andrew Douglas Crozier.
    "However, the immigration rules direct that a person seeking such leave is to be refused if they do not meet the requirements set out in the immigration rules.

    "This includes that the applicant has limited leave to remain in the United Kingdom other than where that leave is of six months duration or less. On 30 October 2007 you were granted limited leave to enter as a visitor for a period of six months from 30 October 2007 until 30 April 2008 therefore you do not meet the requirements.
    "You are not entitled to appeal this decision."

    Mrs Crozier, living in Bordon, near Petersfield, Hants, said: "We rang the MoD to tell them we were coming over and they gave us no advice other then to tell us to have a nice journey.
    "I think it is disgraceful
  2. I have sent a PM to one of the mods, can we not as the larges part of the army ourselfs make some loud voice???I have no idea where we need to complain, but if all of us and our wifes and children did , live/online whatever suerly it will be heard??
  3. Could she apply for British Citizenship under the UK born Mother clause?
    Maybe you should tell the Home office people that you are a worthless scrounger who will bring nothing to the country as the thousands of others have and you will be welcomed with open doors(to much needed housing).
    Or maybe you could tell them that you are a Muslim who wants to change Britain for the worse, they seem to be flavour of the month.

    The government seem to have lost touch completely with those who have a right to be in the UK.

    HAVE YOU SPOKEN TO YOUR WELFARE OFFR/AWS OR THE PADRE. It may sound daft but they can do quite a bit and know the right people to make things happen.
    I had to call an embassy in africa a couple of years ago because a soldiers wife was refused a visa to join him. When i explained the situation they asked for a headed letter from the unit to explain the facts and that the soldiers was serving and was not likely to sign off and dissapear in the UK. Once they had the letter they were happy to give her a visa.

    My advice - make as much fuss and noise as possible and get the chain of command involved as soon as possible. If they do not get invovled they are not doing their job.
  5. Sounds like one for the mass market newspapers............
  6. She was not refused British citizenship. She was refused permission to remain in the UK as the spouse of a British citizen; had she been granted this it would have only been for two years after which she would have been able to apply for indefinite stay. After a further suitable qualifying period she would then have been able to naturalise as a British citizen and get a GBR passport.
    The problem stems from the fact that she came to the UK as a visitor and was allowed in for the maximum period of six months. The Immigration Rules, which are applied to everybody, do not allow 'switching' between most categories of status (in this case from visitor to spouse) since the onus is on the punter to make sure that they enter in the right category in the first place. Refusals of such applications are not influenced by what an applicant's husband/wife does, but are taken based on the question "is this allowed by the Rules?". In this case the answer is "no", notwithstanding the job her old man is doing and the fact that they have two kids who hold Brit passports.
    If you start making exceptions, where does it end?
  7. It ends in The British public being able to see a plus to immigration. Letting somebody in who will contribute to our society. I.E stagging on the kids whilst Hubby goes and does his bit for Queen and country.

    Rather than

    The British Public fume at the idea of yet another sponger coming over here with a head full of words like "Benefit" and "Free housing".
  8. Before I get marked down as some pinko, can I just say I am all for letting in someone who isn't a freeloading parasite - and let's face it, it's about time we did - but the point I was making is that the drones aren't permitted to ignore the procedure no matter how much they want to. Good luck to her, I'm sure that once she does things without listening to MoD people who have no idea she should be alright!
  9. Its bloody typical, the government kicking out the people that should be allowed to stay and come in to the country openly but woe betide them actually mag to gridding the scumbags that sneak in under the radar because they dont have it cushy enough in their own country!!
  10. Before I start I want to make it clear that I would like to see a bit of common sense break out here and her case be reviewed quickly with the positive result we would all wish for, but; if she had applied using the correct procedures in the first place this would all be a non-issue. It is not/was not the MOD's responsibility to arrange her immigration it was hers and her husbands. The fact that they didn't is their fault despite the impending op tour.

    Completely agree that it will be nice to see someone who can contribute to the UK, rather than a 'sponger' but that doen't change the facts as they appear to be presented.
  11. Unfortunately we can't all be perfect and people do get confused with paperwork and legalise.
    The main problem here is that the civil servants who are dealing with this matter do not the authority to use common sense even if they want to. Joe Bloggs at desk 49(b) has no discretion and must abide by the rules , as do squaddies.The people higher up the chain, who do have authority to vary the rules, are too interested in their own careers to take on this lady's case (of which they must be aware) and blame the rules.
  12. This has been done to death on a previous thread.

    Bottom line here is there is nothing to be outraged about.

    There is a very simple procedure that she should have followed that would have allowed her to get citizenship and stay. She didnt.

    Instead she (and her husband) waited until it was too late and then kicked up a fuss. Apparently this is everyone's fault but their own.

    Moral of the story is this: If you marry a foreigner, do the research and find out what you need to do before you need to do it. Best place to ask is the Embassy.

    I appreciate that they were maybe given false information by someone within the MOD but then MOD is not the department responsible for Visas and immigration is it?
  13. DFS

    Quote: I appreciate that they were maybe given false information by someone within the MOD but then MOD is not the department responsible for Visas and immigration is it?

    I agree that the MOD is not the department responsible for Visas and immigration, but any soldier in a sitution such as this one surely should expect sound advice from an employer who will have dealt with the exact same problem thousands of times!!!
  14. Had the same problem, I asked my Chief Clerk thinking he knew what he was talking about and was given the answer "Yes Cpl ***** you can sort out your wifes Visa when you get to your new unit in the UK"

    Upon asking the Immigration people we got told that she needed to leave the UK and apply in her own country.
    They then added this sparkling bit of info

    "As we now know about it, if your wife doesnt leave when her Visa runs out we will arrest her, place her in a detention centre and deport her back to her Country of Origin and your son will be placed in care until we deport him with his mother"

    It definatly pays to do your homework before hand
  15. Niner_Domestic explains "Rights of Abode" here in the other thread...which, having a British parent, she can do, thereby circumventing the whole process, except that it will take time and money.

    I'm sorry, but as someone who went to the website, called the Embassy, found out the rules, paid the money, returned to my own country to obtain legal entry (risking refusal of entry if my ducks weren't in a row) and is still up for a settlement interview, at which there is no guarantee they'll allow me to this woman permanent residency is still rewarding someone for not following the rules.

    I don't know if her husband went to his UWO, but even that would depend on a whole level of expertise that it would be nice to expect from this particular individual - but we know they cannot always provide.

    I know it stings of insult because she's a squaddie's wife, as am I. But if she can access a website and read English, she would have known all of this just like the rest of us that have managed the process successfully did. I suspect she just assumed way too much.