The Fight forBritish citizenship REME Soldiers Wife

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Bag4life, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. The wife of a soldier faces deportation as her husband prepares to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Samantha Crozier with her children Celeb and Ethan, has been given until April 30 to leave the country

    Canadian-born Samantha Crozier, 23, has been given notice by the Home Office to leave the country by April 30, when her temporary visa expires after her application for British citizenship was refused.
    Mrs Crozier, who has a British mother, Antoinette, claims their children, Ethan, two, and Celeb, one, will have to be put into care while her husband, Lance Corporal Andrew Crozier, is sent on a tour of duty after he completes training. Mrs Crozier says she has spoken to 15 other Army wives facing deportation.
    Mrs Crozier moved to England with her husband, also 23, in October last year. She said MoD officials failed to tell her of the complicated procedure to become a British citizen.

    Ethan and Celeb, who were born while her husband was posted to Osnabruck, Germany, were awarded full British citizenship and Mrs Crozier applied for a Status Stamp at the British embassy in Dusseldorf. The stamp allowed her to stay in Germany at the UK base for five years. She was stopped at Newcastle ferry port by Customs and Excise and advised to apply for citizenship. She said she was told that because she her husband was born in Northumberland her application would be successful. However, Mrs Crozier received a letter last month, the day after her birthday, from the Home Office rejecting her application.

    It read: "You have applied for leave to remain in the United Kingdom on the basis of your marriage to Andrew Douglas Crozier.
    "However, the immigration rules direct that a person seeking such leave is to be refused if they do not meet the requirements set out in the immigration rules.

    "This includes that the applicant has limited leave to remain in the United Kingdom other than where that leave is of six months duration or less. On 30 October 2007 you were granted limited leave to enter as a visitor for a period of six months from 30 October 2007 until 30 April 2008 therefore you do not meet the requirements.
    "You are not entitled to appeal this decision."

    Mrs Crozier, living in Bordon, near Petersfield, Hants, said: "We rang the MoD to tell them we were coming over and they gave us no advice other then to tell us to have a nice journey.
    "I think it is disgraceful
  2. Unfortunately, there are more campaigns that would benefit us as soldier's, let alone trying to secure others to stay in the country. I'm sure that if she followed the correct protacall before all this mess, it would have been a different outcome. Others have been in the same boat and had some foresight before it became a problem. Pulling at heart strings is not the way to do buisness i'm afraid, we cannot even keep the Gurkha's in this country after they have served us for their colour service on active operations. I have some sympathy but that's as far as it goes from me, sorry.
  3. Without the support of our families we would not function fully, think about this guy as an individual who will need his family to support him, like we all had throughout our Tours of Duty.

    I know another guy who is currently going through hell to get his wife into the country legally, the more cases that hit the politicians the better, as for the gurkhas i too believe what Jon gaunt said today, sooner a Gurkha than a shirker, yes I signed that petition too, because I believe they have the right too for citizenship. When any of our national teams England Scotland Ireland Wales play, I always back them before any foreign team as I am loyal.
  4. This is correct, this topic was done last week IIRC, and it would appear that the family didn't follow procedure and the mess is of their own making.
  5. It might or might not be a mess of their own doing BUT they are in the same big family that we all say we support/members of. Yet we seem happy to allow Child abusers and murders to stay here, how can you reconcile your views with that.