The fifty fifty question

As a bit of DS fun with the unfortunates who cross our establishment we play the 50/50 question game to alleviate DS boredom. Hesitation results in a hefty ale fine.

Example: Lick a cats arrse or suck a dogs co*k.

So help us out and think of some more we can ask.

Thank you.


War Hero
Mother or Grandmother (i would have said sister but too many deviants about)

Dad or brother

(For MDN.....the answer "Both" is not an option)

shi'te or marmite (you'd be surprised how many will opt for shi'te)


War Hero
Syphilis or Rabies?

Navy or RAF?

Become a MLLARRRRR or a Vicar?
Do we remove your cock with an axe or take out your eyes with knitting needles?

Leg or breast?

Paedophilia or necrophilia?

I could go on......


War Hero
Vote Bliar or have your heart ripped out of your chest and brain spooned out.


War Hero
Left Hand or Right Hand? (followed by a slap with their choice)

Ginger or Fat?

Rugby or Football?

Mary-Kate or Ashley?
Give George Galloway a blow-job (and swallow) or let Peter Mandelson have unfettered access to your arse?
In snooker parlance

"Do you favour the easy pink or difficult brown?"
Stab or Civvie

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