The 'Fella' appreciation thread.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheSockPuppet, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Call someone a cunt and they'll glare at you.

    Call someone a prick and you may start a fight.

    But call someone fella and WWIII will kick off!

    Fella - the insult of kings.
  2. 'Fellah'
  3. Who dropped the cunting 'F' bomb? Was it that fricker TRAZTAZ?
  4. What a load of old tosh!

    This forum is the only place where I have ever heard any objection to fella. Absolutely nowhere else.

    Cunt! Go on, glare at me fella.
  5. If someone came in my office and called me fella I'd invite them to fuck off back out again!
  6. No-one comes into your 'office' unless they need a mop.
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  7. Fuck off fella, you don't have an office.
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  8. Listen fella, I do, OK. Fella.
  9. فلاح‎ (Fellah)


    Could case mild offence to a passing Arabic speaker.
  10. Gay shitcunt "insult" used by gay shitcunts, usually of the gay shitcunt wedge variety.

    It's useful though, as it's a good indication that anyone using it is a fucking sprog. Never heard anyone over the age of 21 use it yet.

    Usually used by shitcunts wearing skinny jeans, deck shoes with no socks and baggy striped T shirts, the fucking homo shitcunts.
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  11. Fella doesn't bother me, its being called "mush" or "pal" that pisses me off, especially when it comes from some savvern wide boy.
  12. Have you been walking around with your amplivox on for the last decade?

    Fella has been around for years!
  13. "Fellah" ?? You prick, fuck off you cunt.

    Are you now happily insulted?

    If not I can do better!!

  14. Mush is a pikey word though, so whoever uses it is guaranteed ti be a shitcunt.
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  15. Never understood why this term suddenly became a no-no.

    It's not in my lexicon, but on the occasions I see someone get uppity about it I have a tendency to chalk them down as a bit of a wanker.
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