The Felix Fund - The Bomb Disposal Charity

Dear All, an old, fat ex ATO (is there any other kind!) and his brother are going to do a marathon of golf on 20th June in support of those personnel injured by IEDs and the families of those killed. They'll be playing SIX rounds in ONE day! That's 25 miles of slashing at a ball and swearing, without a safety net, in ONE day, and without the use of electricity!

If you can, please make a donation by following the link below, and if it's at all possible, copy and paste the link and forward it to all of YOUR friends asking them to do the same!

The target is £3000, and if it's reached, they'll do the whole day blindfolded and walking backwards! Except for the blindfold. And the walking backwards! lol

Thank you.


Brad Bradshaw is fundraising for Felix Fund - The Bomb Disposal Charity

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