The feeling of apocalypse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aleegee1698, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. Admittedly, I ve had a few, but really only a few, because I was only thinking of this today and yesterday at work, 20 yrs later, totally sober, the places I d been to in the Army, and I wanted to share it with the like-minded amongst us. I ve also been reading a lot lately, about the present and past conflicts. I ve come to the conclusion that the most important places I ve been to with HMF give me great pleasure in our achievements, but also great sorrow. The amount of human suffering that went on, or is still ongoing in those countries has only just hit me, 20-24 yrs later. I dont think we ever really personally recognised, or were informed of the hate, pain, suffering and longing of those we were protecting or attacking at the time, and it has only just appealled to me. I dare not to think of any lives I may have personally saved in NI, purely by being there at the right/wrong moment, nor the lives we took or saved in GW1, against an already beaten Army. In both conflicts, one thing will stay with me forever, whether I saw it with my own eyes or not, it was the purely and unadulterated smell and aurora of death, pain and suffering, destruction and unreconcilable doom, it overwhelmed me. Nothing euphoric was asked of us at the time, or as we thought then, it was expected and we did the work required, and it was righteous, of that I am certain.

    I do not suffer from PTSD or GWS, however, I do have issues with right and wrong, and without any of you fuckers shouting "Fanny", please give me some constructive debate on my thoughts! Maybe its just a phase.
  2. Perfectly normal thoughts for any human being. I believe that we always did more right than we did wrong. There were certainly enough Kuwaitis who thanked us and enough Iraqis too for that matter. As for NI, if we weren't in the middle then they'd have actually had to fight each other and that would not have been at all pretty. Everywhere I ever went with the Army we always did something for the locals and hopefully left the places better than when we first arrived.
  3. Yes, perfectly normal human feelings. Somebody has to be in places where the majority would rather not be, to do things and see things they'd rather not. Most foreigners I meet usually ask whether joining the military is voluntary in the UK and are rather in awe when I say it is. Undoubtedly to our honour, whereever Britain shows the flag, usually on other interests' behalf, we are respected for our reasonableness, consideration and willingness to play fair. We do it better. Experience, perhaps.
  4. Best post you've ever made!
  5. It's in the NAAFI, you're a fanny. I'd post here the places I've been but I've got to go and batter the dog.
  6. Post the places you've been, no probs, we just don't want to know where your fanny has been.
  7. Fuck me Cig, thats the most comprehensible thing you ve ever answered on my posts!! How true, British Army= World Police, funny though that 99% of us do it without blinking an eye, is that indoctrination, compulsion, or valour?
  8. I did request "without Fanny", however, females are invited into the discussion. I bet you re a Northerner, who else would batter their dog?

    Please tell me of all the exotic places you ve been to, not forgetting any Wetherspoons up your way. (and I know about your date last month! )

    This was meant to be a melodramatic thread, and wasnt foreseen to be posted in the NAAFI, I beg your forgiveness, oh Great Squidgy, Sluggy Thing. Please feel free to "virtually fuck me" (with vocal abuse)

    Is the battered Dog Al Dente?
  9. Might be alot of valour, but I reckon it's in our genes !
  10. To be honest, knobhead, she's like my brother Sylveste.

    Keep telling the war stories Grandpa
  11. hear hear! I m sure Wellington said that at the time, or Winston, or that bloke from Levis,...........

  12. Nothing to worry about, you'll only make yourself feel worse.

    Sounds like you might have a touch of the winter blues. Dont let your past get you down, whats done is done and most of us only try to do our best. The sunshine is due out later today , allegedly , and I for one will be going for a long bimble around the countryside to feel reinvigourated by spring once more. This winter has been a b*****d.

    Its IS only a phase. Your mortality suddenly hits you at about 40ish. Mine hit me when I was called out to certify a death at home. Nothing unusual in that for me. But in this case it was my old headmistress from primary school.
    You'll pass through this phase of soul searching and come out the other side a better person for it.
  13. On the other hand. As this is the NAAFI bar , if there is a flash of light and a bang off to the east followed by a black cloud and the sound of four horses hooves rapidly approaching. Plague Famine War and Death. You could be proved right and then you are free to tell me I TOLD YOU SO ! :)

    I find laughter is the best medicine.
  14. Come on man, this is the NAAFI bar! You're depressing us with all this melancolic introspection. Stop being a Fanny, or post it somewhere else.
  15. The OP has made valid points and, unless we are mono synaptic, most of us feel the same way from time to time. I sometimes wonder what the news headlines WOULD have read had we not been where we were at the appropriate time. Right, that's enough of that, its 1600 hours and time for my daily meeting with the EOD teams. Then after that .... well then there's the bar and the LBFM. NO REGRETS!