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The FedEx of the military.


War Hero
Erik Prince (well worth a google search) set up his private military company- Blackwater- on the premise that he could do a better job than the behemoth US military could. In much the same way that FedEx is superior to the US Mail.
The same is true in the UK, I posted here as you get a better class of ARRSEr here- this is NOT a bash US post.

I believe that our present armed forces are a left over from WWI and WWII. In the same way that the NHS and socialism have been proved wrong so our over centralised armed forces are falling apart. The solution is to go back to smaller units- "The Regimental System."
Each unit can decide for itself how to equip itself, and use it's buying power accordingly. Power to the Blokes.
If anyone doubts whether this would work in practice, please consider the best Regiment in the Uk/World and think about how they manage the budget.


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B*ll*cks! I thought I was onto a good thread here. Maybe the Int. Cell would be a better spot. Or the Hole?

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