The FE scheme and ELCAS

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Crafty990, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. I recently submitted an ELC claim for a resettlement course and while in with the retired Maj. Resettlement officer,he noticed that I was part way into a history degree with the OU. He asked if I'd heard of the FE scheme whereby the government funds your tuition fees. He'd found out the day before that individuals who had already accrued some credits towards a degree could cut into the scheme provided they had less than 120 credits. This was in order to allow chaps who'd accrued credits through trade courses (such as REME Artificers) to take advantage of the scheme in order to top up to a full degree.
    When the RO initially asked me, I replied that I'd just finished my second module therefore I wouldn't be able to use that scheme. It wasn't until a couple of days later that I realised that I hadn't yet received my results for the second module exam and therefore I still only had 60 credits. I phoned the RO officer and he told me that he'd make enquiries but his gut feeling was in fact, due to me having an open ELC claim (for the resettlement course) open, I would not be able to use the FE scheme. He has yet to confirm this and I haven't been able to reach him but time is running out as I will receive my results at the end of the month.
    Do any ELCAS gurus out there reckon they might have a better insight to this?
  2. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Not sure about your specifics but I was informed that if you have used up your ELCs you can still get your tuition fees paid (provided you don't yet have a first degree).
  3. Whilst FE and ELC are different schemes, it seems that they are intertwined. Do they come from the same big pot? Otherwise, I can't see why one open claim would affect the other.
  4. You can use your ELC and provided it does not come to a degree then you can apply for funding for a degree.

    If you haven't already used your ELC then it will be used to fund or part fund the degree.

    For example, I'm undertaking a Law Degree through the OU. There are 6 modules of 60 points each costing £2500. This year I am doing 1 module, so have applied and received the funding. I have not previously used any ELC so the funding consists of £2000 from ELC and £500 from other educational sources.

    This funding pattern will be repeated in years 2 & 3, by year 4 all the ELC are used up and the full £2500 will be from other educational sources.

    As you've already used your ELC this year, you cant apply for FE until next year.

    Personally I'd check the regulations with regards to funding, because I was under the impression that the MoD funded your first degree.
  5. When I first decided to undertake the degree, I had no idea about the FE scheme and also wasn't in my resettlement phase so merrily went ahead funding it myself (pre tuition fee hike so not that expensive) and decided to save my ELC for resettlement, whenever that happened, and further career orientated courses. It's only now that the RO has alerted me to the possibility of having my fees paid in full that I want to clarify what seems to be a murky set of rules.
    Is that a definate answer that while I have an existing ELC case open, I cannot take advantage of the FE scheme. If it is definitive, in what JSP would I find this. All I seem to be getting over the phone from other sources is opinion and seeing as though it's quite a few grand on the line here, I think its perfectly reasonable to want something more concrete than a long inhale through the teeth followed by a sentence involving the words "i wouldn't have thought so."
  6. In all honesty you'll need to check for yourself. The scheme worked for me, so I saw no need to delve into the regulations.
  7. Can you point me in the right direction for more info on this scheme a JSP or DIN my RO is Terry Bull.

  8. Can you apply for the FE scheme if you have already been discharged?

  9. I think it's upto 10 years after discharge.
  10. Dinger,

    I'm in very similar circumstances to you and it looks like we're doing the same course. I wonder if you could clarify something for me though...

    I'm just at the end of my second year - I used SLC last year and ELC this year, where I claimed 80% ELC and self funded the remainder (I've been told that this is all I can claim). I also want to do a 'top up' course over the winter by doing a 30 point course which is also part of the degree. Therefore, I requested guidance from the ELC scheme as to how to gain access to the FE scheme for funding, who forwarded my email straight on to the local AEC. However, I was told I was not elligible to claim because:
    1) I am not yet in my resettlement period (I will be in Feb)
    2) I have already claimed ELC this year
    3) (the big one) - neither of the degree modules ammount to half of a degree (qualification), therefore, I can never use FE towards my degree.
    I was then advised to use SLC.

    What are your views on this - after reading your post it appears to me that I may have been misinformed.


  11. I'm really not sure. The big difference for me is that I am P8 - Discharge, so all manner of resettlement options apply, even though my discharge may not be for some years.
  12. Rgr, thanks for the reply. I'll have to look into it as something doesn't quite add up - It's very rare that anyone can ever do a degree in two years, which is what I've basically been told is the requisite to gain access to FE funds.

    What course are you doing this year - W100?
  13. Yes W100. I'll probably be sticking with the full course rather than doing odd modules that amounts to a general degree, so the first two modules there is no choice, at module three you get to chose specific areas of law - criminal, family etc.
  14. Yea, there is no other option than to stick to the core modules. I was going to do employment law over the winter but I think I'm going to leave it now and enjoy the break - W200 is a cheeky course! I'm obviously a year ahead so just let me know if I can help.