The Fcuking DVLA

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. About 5 weeks ago after much umming and ahhing I decided to get my HGV Provisional licence sent off for.

    So I runs about like a lunatic and off my own back gets the medical and forms filled in. D2, D4, Paper part and card. All sent off and squared away.

    About 10 days ago I calls to ask whether It would arrive any time this century and the phone fairy says "Yes, its just a bit late because of Christmas Mr Crow but all is in order"

    (Kicking myself because I didn't get the fcukers name)

    So Imagine my shock when I phoned up again today and they say they have no records showing my licence ever arrived. So its gone from being there but taking a while to be processed to "Vanished."

    Now "I" have to send off for a new drivers licence. Then Send off for a provisional entitlement all over again, Medical the lot.

    They're cnuts. Its annoying that we are all a captive audience to the DVLA. They have well and truly cornered them market because lets face it, where else can we go. If it were an option i'd pay to go private. This is only my third dealing with the DVLA and whats annoying is they have always Fcuked something up, taken their merry little time about it, and over charged (I'd say the prices were reasonable if they didn't lose every bastard thing.)

    So Calming down back off the rant anybody an wiser on this subject.

    Do I really have to pay the full hit to get my licence back which "they" seem to have had for a while now lost?
  2. Perhaps somebody stapled your application to a CD?
  3. The real question is which of the people you talked to is correct. The first one could just have been saying anything to get you off the phone, or of course could have been absolutely correct. The second could be right or just typed something wrong into their computer thus showing no record against you.

    If they really have lost it then you are up against it and will have to pay up to get them to do anything.

    I would try phoning again and make shure the person gets your details absolutely correct., or if you can go into a local office before going through the re-application hassle
  4. They managed to avoid putting my motorcycle entitlement on my licence when I changed address recently.
    Apparently if I want to get it back I have to go and do the test process again (all of it)
    They have a record of my test pass around 5 years ago but claim it was never acyually put onto my licence and after two years you loose the entitlement. AS I dispute their version of the facts I can appeal.....
    Want to take bets on wether its worth writing a letter to ask for them to put it back on?
  5. Just took your advice. It appears the second one is correct.

    Which then implies how can i get myself in a position to strangle the first person. He took all my details and put me on hold et all. Then came back and gave me the late because of Christmas Speel. Its convenient that they don't have a customer services that you can "Easily" call.
  6. Bad_Crow, was it recorded delivery?

    Jagman, lesson for us all, get a photo copy of doc's before they are sent off.
  7. I had a similar situation about 3 years ago, phoned up asking on whereabouts of licence, only to be informed it had never been recieved etc.

    So I get new form filled out, but lo and behold about 2 days after phone call (before sending new application off) a shiney new driving licence arrived in the post.

    I phoned DVLA with no hint at sarcasm whatsoever and informed them that my licence had arrived, and they may want to keep a better track of incoming and outgoing licences, but got the bog standard "must be a computer problem" answer.

    Cunts :roll:
  8. Don't get me started. They just sent back all my Test pass certficates and told me that the forms were filled out wrong and needed doing again. TWICE. No information as to how they were filled out wrong. My third attempt went via the post office "Check your documents people".

    Not only did I have the wrong out of date form when she phoned up the first form had been "accepted" and they only failed to send it back to me because the second form arrived and they wondered why I had sent two forms to them.

    Left Arm - Meet right arm, you're going to be working together.
  9. I made two basic errors which I never "Usually" do.

    Never got the blokes name.
    Never sent recorded delivery.

    Lesson learnt. Now they want me to trust them with my Passport as proof of Identity.

    There is a dept that deals specifically with lost documents at DVLA. (With a woman with a sexy voice i might add)

    I can expect a call back within 24 Hours where they will decide the quickest way to resolve the issue.

    Lets wait and see.
  11. Look on the bright side, if they lost your paper details, they can't lose them in digital format...
  12. For a moment I felt they would sort it.

    Still no call back so called them just now. Not going to get new docs sent out until atleast monday now. Evidently they haven't heard of first class stamps.
  13. DVLA are useless, there are cases of people sending off licence for change of address and receiving it back minus an entitlement, this had led to lorry drivers being done for driving not in accordance with a licence and no insurance.

    Get these useless fisters to pull their fingers out. If youre in the mood for a fight, consult a solicitor about it!
  14. Got my new licence about a fortnight ago. No dramas thankfully but that may because I applied online. Might be worth looking into Crow, less chance of them cocking it up.