The Fatherland Files

The Fatherland Files


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The Fatherland Files - A detective novel set in 1930s' Germany

The Fatherland Files’ is a detective novel by the German author Volker Kutscher, translated into English by Niall Sellar. Set in 1930s Germany, Inspector Gereon Rath leads a team investigating the murder of a man, after a body is discovered in a service lift at the Haus Vaterland (described on the back cover as a ‘giant pleasure palace’; a quick internet search revealed this to be a huge building housing various themed restaurants, bars and a cinema). When an autopsy...
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I watched Babylon Berlin on the 1ARD Mediathek German telly equivalent of the BBC iplayer. Damn good series and I have been meaning to get a couple of Kutscher's books.

Here is the 1ARD Mediathek Babylon Berlin page. If you root around their media library there are lots of good German telly prog's fuer Die das deutsch sprechen koennen.


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