The father of Trooper Jack Sadler on BBC Breakfast

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sfub, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. I have just seen. on BBC Breakfast, the father of Trooper Jack Sadler who died two years ago tomorrow. No outrage bus, but the sad facts are that he only received the letter of condolence a couple of weeks ago. His argument centred around the absence of helicopters, and the time it took to refit Merlins. His accusations boiled down to the government not treating the forces as if they were at war.

    If anyone would like to see it, the BBC iplayer will have it. I found it upsetting to see Mr Sadlers evident distress.
  2. I heard he was due to be on 5 live was this on BBC1?
  3. I'm sorry. The point he made was cogent, undoubtedly.

    But he lost me at the point that he said "When I heard about Mrs Janes' letter I decided to complain that I hadn't had one - to the BBC"

    If you haven't had a letter, how about complaining to the people who haven't written the letter? Or your MP (who would view this as Manna from heaven if he wasn't in the Governing party).

    No. He writes to a Media outlet. I have the greatest sympathy for his loss, and I understand his (righteous) anger. I do wonder at the thought process of complaining to the media rather than the people who should be putting it right.
  4. I had the pleasure of knowing Jack Sadler at university, and doubtless those who knew him as well would agree he was a top bloke. If this is true I am utterly disgusted, sending a letter of condolence in a timely manner should be a no-brainer. It is insulting to his memory to send one this late after the event, two years later is seriously taking the piss. It smacks of ineptitude.
  5. It was on at 8.15ish. As I said, Mr Sadler's visible distress and anger was a sad thing to see. The interviewer, more used to fluffier subjects really didn't know how to deal with him.
  6. BBC website link

    According to the following it was not just the lack of letter, other mistakes were made.

  7. I don't know the full facts of this case and I agree with MrShanklysboots in that his complaint wasn't directed to the correct place.

    Is Mr Sadler estranged from Tpr Sadler's mother? If so, the relevant departments may have only had Mrs Sadler's details held on UNICOM as NOK.

    Very sad if it unfolds that the process broke down.
  8. Two years after an event is psychologically a pretty bad time to directly, intrusively refer to the event. Timing is the secret of comedy and Gordon still seems to be winning those Perrier awards.
  9. Jack's NOK was Ian Sadler. From what I understand both parents have only just been written to by the PM
  10. Did Tony Blair send hand written letters to the NOK of our lost soldiers when he was at number 10?
  11. All PM's from Thatcher onwards have written letters personally to the families. Just the previous ones chose not to make publicity out of it, particularly for political gain.

    I have seen one written by Margaret Thatcher to the NOK of a colleague killed in Northern Ireland.

    There is no excuse for a delay of 2 years, and it would probably been better not to write if this had happened.
    Lets face it No10 has a huge secretarial staff, there is no excuse for a cock up as big as this.
  12. On the upside, it's not every day you get to refer to the Prime Mentalist as "that bastard" on national radio.

    A nice touch, I thought.
  13. The points already made are mostly valid, but surely Brown has had enough opprobrium heaped on him already in this business of letters to the bereaved. For all his galaxy of faults, it's a bit unfair to hold him personally responsible for what seems to have been a serious error at lower levels two years ago. Still, cyclopean or not, he appears to have done it again by writing about somewhere called "Afghastan". I am afghast at the man's wondrous capacity for ineptitude, now as much a national embarrassment as it is a personal one. Will he never learn?
  14. So, did Mrs Sadler receive a letter from Brown roughly two years ago?
  15. Link at all? Thanks.