The fastest way to lose...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SeanGoesPop, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. 4 stones.

    Fire away :roll:
  2. Cut off yours, and your best mate's.
  3. stop eating you fat cnut! failing that scoff away on your doughnuts then stick your fingers down your throat!
  4. sit in a glass box over the Thames for 40 days.
  5. Stop eating junk food you fat tw@t, motivate yourself and start beasting the pavements TWICE A DAY for at least 12 hrs each time.

  6. Amputate your head to start off with, then you will find you progressively lose weight over the next few weeks. And using this method you are guaranteed to keep the weight off.
  7. Or a sensible constructive answer...

    Exercise for an hour each day. A Good CV workout. Go for a fat burner workout, not a muscle building one.

    Eat sensible food, but have a varied diet. Don't get all paranoid about it, but watch your calorie intake. Burgers and chips are obviously less healthy than grilled fish, or a salad. Have the nice 'bad' stuff once in a while, but only as a treat for yourself.

    Eat smaller amounts. Try using a smaller plate - it'll look like you have more on it.

    Eat slower. It gives the body time to tell the mind you have a full belly.

    Drink 2 litres of water per day. It helps flush out the system, and fools the belly into thinking it's full.

    Cut down on beer.

    Doing this I have lost 3 kilos in the last 2 weeks.
  8. Being sensible on this site?

    How very dull.

    Much prefer the head-loss weight-loss method.
  9. I managed to lose eight stone in seven months by simply sticking to rice, pasta, low fat/sugar cereals, lean meat and fish, etc.

    As for exercise, run. Obviously if you're carrying a lot of weight and aren't very fit it'll be difficult for the first month or more, but just grind through it mate. Wouldn't hurt you to do plenty of sit-ups too.

    Also, give up drinking, or if you absolutely have to get drunk, drink bacardi and diet coke. It's womanly, but it's only about 40 calories in a glass. A slight bit less than a pint of the black stuff eh?

    Anyway, as for all the sarcastic answers to this lad's question; keep in mind that this lad is making an honest, conscious effort to lose weight, and he's looking for the right way to do it. At least he gives a **** and wants to lose the fat, yeah? He might be fat, but you're the ***** today. :p

    Anyway, good luck mate. Just keep at it. Don't expect progress overnight. :)
  10. Yeah too true, sarcastic fkrs aren't they. Look on the bright side mate, I'm ugly and you can diet.

    Arrse wouldn't be Arrse if there wasn't sarcasm involved, its what keeps morale up.

    BT. :lol:
  11. Also consume more protien, your body consumes more energy turning protien into energy than it does turning carbs or fat into energy, also protien helps suppourt muscle growth and recovery.

    Whilst you may wish to steer from weight training if you purely wish to lose weight, to avoid it all together means you would lose deiffinition as well, since your body will burn muscle tissue as well as fat. So a small amount of weight training can be helpful but don't get carried away, let cardio be the main body of your weekly exercise, also if you are going to do any weight training put in the effort, there is not point going down the gym and doing 100 reps of any exercise at 10kg, same for your cardio, somtimes i go down the gym and i see people on the tredmill walking and chatting to the person next to them, and thats their whole session, what the f***?

    The thing about muscle tissue is that its 'active' tissue where as fat is dormant, whilst muscle may weight more than fat inch for inch, it also burns more calories than fat by just existing, as well as that it has a smaller mass than fat pound for pound, for example a 16 stonne strongman/bodybuilder etc .. could be toned have say a 34 inch waist ...while a 16 stonne 'fat guy' could have a 40 inch waist and wobble. Also by having a larger muscle content you can consume more calories because your body needs them to feed the muscle tissue etc. At one point before i injuried my shoulder i was consuming around 4000 cals a day just to stay at 14 st 4 lbs,

    With the meals Legs is compleatly right, its about speeding up your metabolism, try to eat 5/6 meals a day, smaller meals each containing a fair portion of protien if possible, try to avoid carbs after 7pm. The theory is that your body stops storing energy as fat because its got a constant supply of energy coming in.

    I know it sounds like somthing you would read off of a protien shake or slim fast advert but it works. Back in January i was a lb or two short of 18 stonne, my weight was rollercoastering between 16 and 18 stonne because i was eating crap, pissing it up and doing only weights, then as from the 3rd of Jan i just stopped, i quit smoking, only been out drinking a handful of times since, and i started doing a lot of cardio, by march i was 15 stonne, i went into my careers office and the recruiting Sgt didn't believe it, he made sure the scales were working, but i warn you, i cut my calories in more than half, i was down to about 1500 a day just stripping the fat off me, but it also left me feeling ill, i caught colds very easily. my hair became very thin and brittle and i was exhausted a lot of the time, i was lucky i found out about protien when i did.

    I now sit at around 14 and a half stonne, considering im 6ft 3, my body fat is 15%, somtimes i still have 'fat days' and just eat packs of biscuits, whole tubs of ice cream etc, in its simplest form its about burning more calories than you consume.
  12. I too was a disgusting fat body in love with jelly doughnuts!! :oops:
    But did the special K diet(no wah) 1-2 bowls during the day,main nosh up in evening,lay off booze total till achieved weight loss if you can and you will do what it says on the box and drop several sizes if you stick with it.All my trousers are rather too large in the old arse department now so its new cords for me. :wink:
  13. If your gonna eat fast food eat kebabs, they are much better for you than burgers pizza etc. Thats only if you eat the salad.
  14. If you're a harry chubster, buy a heart rate monitor and join a gym. Train on a cross trainer for 30-45 mins 5 times a week (yes, 5) at 70% of your maximum heart rate (MHR = 220 minus your age). Add in some high rep, low weight training (aim for three sets of twenty reps, the last set should be hard work), eat sensibly and you're done.

    Once you have lost a reasonable amount of weight, you can start running without risk of lower limb injury. If you are 4 stone overwieght and you start running straight away, you won't enjoy it and you will hurt yourself (probably your knees). If you do join a gym then make use of the staff, tell them what you want and they'll sort out a program for you.
  15. Stop being a salad dodger and get out a run. or get down the gym.