The fastest bft ever in lightweights and boots

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Bollock-chops, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. I couldn't find the old and bold area, how sad is that. One guy I fondly remember ran a BFT sub 6 minutes 30 in lightweights and boots, an adversary at the time I was led to beleive went sub 6:20. He was well known to my mate, I think they did basic together. Sub 6:20 in lightweights and boots is quicker than 4 minute mile pace.

    Modern soldiers. come on.

    Shit, I better say how crap I was, I did sub 8. I did an 8:20 in ski march boots, after a Norway billy whizzed a sub 7:55
  2. Had a very good mucker who would stroll around in 6:20/6:30ish if he been on the lash, mind you he weighed 9.5 stone dripping wet, played football at a very good semi pro level,ask him to chuck a track link onto the back decks he was fck*d!! horses for courses.

    Me built for tabbing not speed but presentable 8.1 averages.
  3. old and bold,

    would probably have done the 2 miles as squad then 1 mile best effort including the 6ft wall and ditch jump!!!my best was 6.40 at that one.
    would still be 6.40 now, but hours and minutes.
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  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Well, as you mentioned the Old n Bold. We had to do our annual 10 miler as a squad in 1 hour 50 mins. NOT 1 hour 40 mins or 2 hours, but 1 hour 50 mins. No running allowed, pace set by PTI. It was not the pace, the walking or having to do it all in a squad - it was the fecking boredom!!!!! THAT is what made it hard :)
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  5. Was it 1 hour 50? I seem to remember 2 and a half hours but that probably included the carry, being carried (worse than the carry), getting over the 6 ft wall etc.
    The 2 then 1 mile was, at least, all over in less than half an hour. Think my best time was around 7:00 for that one.
    When the 1.5 and 1.5 came in, I think my best was slightly less than 9:30. More of a marathon man myself rather than a sprinter.
    When I got to over 40, I much preferred doing the 3 miles in my own time and just over the 20 minute mark. Nowadays, I do manage it a lot quicker but use up a lot of petrol doing it.
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The whole test was 2 hours - 1:50 for the march. You were then meant to do the carry of 100 yards, jump 6' trench (2 chalk lines on the road :) ) then 5 rounds on the 25 meter range, 3 of which to hit the target. The idea being that when you got to the butts you should be breathing heavily and therefore have to work on your breathing while shooting. Practice meant that it took a while to get the whole squad through the butts so everyone had a chance to catch their breath.
  7. I used to do the 3 miles in 18 1/2 mins.
  8. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    The Boredom was you Wineing about having to buy the first round in the NAAFI , after finishing .
  9. Billy Hardcastle did the 1.5 miler in 10 seconds wearing pit boots.

    He forgot the lift was at the bottom of the shaft :)
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  10. Chasing the young bandsmen again jarrod?
  11. I think I did that complete thing including shoot, once - one time only in all the various combinations of CFT/BFT/PFT/BPFA etc etc that was envogue at the time.

    Any number of variations in weight and time allowed on the march/run and how far/what you had to carry/climb on/jump off etc but the shooting bit just seemed to disappear.
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  12. Cheers for the replies, and thanks for making me feel young. This was the brand spanking new BFT of 1984 onwards. 1.5 miles out in 15 minutes as a squad, pretty much a jog and brisk walk out to the turn around point, back in your own time. Sub 9 minutes was quite respectable. I'm sure the record was well inside the sub 4 minute mile pace, 5:40 rings a bell for some reason.

    Id love to know what todays equivalent is, and what times are the racing snakes doing it in.
  13. I'm sure it's not important but a sub-4 minute mile would be a sub-6 minute BFT and not what you claimed. Not that it matters, it was always the CFT that counted for more. Well, among combat arms anyway......... ;-)
  14. Although not a fast time I know of a PTI who only just passed the BFT in boots and lightweights.

    He was on crutches at the time.
  15. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    We had a chap on PCBC who had to ask the route marking PTI on a bike to step the pace as he wanted a decent time. Good man to boot and interesting career thereafter.