The Farting Noises of a Horses Jacksey

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Sorry, I just couldn't resist the title. :D :D :D

    This is actually a totally riveting documentary about a little town called Dover in Pennsylvania (fancy calling a state after a writing instrument - I ask ya) and deals with one of the first cases wherein members of the school board tried to introduce Intelligent Design into the Biology class along with Darwin's Theory of Evolution, and the resulting court case.

    This really is a true story, although with the twists and turns the case takes, it could easily have been a novel by John Grisham or that six-foot-eight Chrichton geezer. It's 108 minutes long, but well worth a watch for all those interested in the fundamental question posed by these "opposing" viewpoints.

    Click on "View Online" and enjoy!

  2. Bugsy,
    For your edification, I have it on good authority that it is not the jacksey that makes a farty noise as you trot along. It is the wedding tackle that makes the noise, according to riding instructors.
  3. By the cringe this takes me back, didn't Noel Cowerd write it?
    "The bloodstained knickers in a London Taxi,
    Rude noises coming from a horses jacksey,
    Oh how a French Letter clings,
    These foolish things,
    Remind me of you,
    The clinging odour of a Gents Urinal,
    Some ba****d wiped his a*** on last nights Final,
    These foolish things remind me of you"
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    No question as to where I stand on this one - burn the Christians!!!!
  5. According to riding instructors? So let me get this straight; they sit the wrong way round on Dobbin, with their head hanging over his arrse, just to ascertain where exactly the farting noises come from?

    What a way to spend Easter! :D :D :D


    PS: has anybody actually had a butcher's at the documentary yet? Believe me, it really is worthwhile, if only to gather ammo for when Phoney Tony and Bush the Bewildered try to push the same agenda in Europe. Of course, that'll be after they've perfected their Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers number - across Lake Michigan.
  7. Well its only noise...its not actualy doing any why bother. Have you been looking on those BDSM for bestiality lovers sites for ideas then Fred?
  8. Urgh! You've just brought back some terrible memories of Melton Mowbray, circa 1969, whilst doing a course at the RAVC Equine Centre. I was young lad traumatised at having to clean out said smegma from the sheaf of the Brigadiers hunting horse.....I still wake up in a cold sweat. :) There was also his daughters, mare, an evil beast, that knew every trick in the book to bite, tail flick or kick you when being groomed. Only compensation were some of the very nice young ladies in the WRAC.
  9. It can be a little gross yes......all that black lumpy goo! But some nice warm water, sheath cleanser and a good strong pair of Marigold's and there you go, jobs a goodun! horse finds it rather therapeutic, cant think why....I must have the right touch! :wink:
  10. soooo glad my horse is a bitch
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

  12. The tattered remnants of a used French letter
    That I discarded when I knew you better
    Now when I pi$$ how it stings
    These foolish things
    They remind me of you
  13. Not being horsey, I bow to your erudition.
    However riding in a horsedrawn taxi in Amritsar in '73, the bloody thing did fart at me with gusto and I did see its arrse wink, by heaven it stank...

  14. Those were the days when every squaddy had a repertoire of such songs

    and would get up in the NAAFI or pub and sing one at a drop of a hat.

    Great fun.
  15. A sweaty sock inside an old French Letter
    A dose of syphillis that won't get better
    Oh how my heart goes ping
    Each time these foolish things
    Remind me of you