The farce of PMs African rapid reaction force

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. The farce of PM's African rapid reaction force
    Sunday Telegraph

  2. Is anybody surprised?

    The 'wanabee' 'President' of Europe and his plans finding reality.

    This is one more expensive, ill-thought out, shambolic pipe-dream, by a man - Bliar - whose connection to the real world was about as solid as Swansea City's grip on next year's FA Cup!!

    The whole nonsensical idea could, and should, have properly been shelved had any of Bliar's so-called 'military advisers' - ''W*nker' Walker and 'J*erker' Jackson - not had their noses so far up the bottom of the repellent Bliar and guarding only their chances of peerages (honestly) and other 'honours'!

    In The Holy Bible the lion might well lie down with the lamb - but in the real world, we, the British, do not lie down with or on front of the French or the Germans.
  3. I missed the original announcement back in 04 and even now after ten years of Dear Leader and his pronouncements I am left gobsmacked by this brain wave of his.
    That a staff was actually set up amazes me yet the simple fact that No One seems willing to put Bodies on the ground, troops to do the biz up the sharpe end, cums across as typical Euro gob.
    Tone please go. Go to jail, do not accept a peerage, stay the man of the people you always wanted to be.
  4. diplomat

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  5. I too missed this, and follow jonwilly's sentiments to a tee