The famous army Whaaa

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jock_Bhoy, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. Anyone who doesn't know what the whaaa is, don't ask, you'll find out soon enough in this forum or when you join the army. If i tell you, you'd probably whaaa me.

    The point i wanna make here is:

    Does it pi55 you off?

    Are there people who use it too often?

    Would you love to punch them?

    What classifies as a whaaa?

    Are people really using it properly?

    Debate is on, let everyone know ure thoughts on the famous, morale boosting or de-moralising whaaa.
  2. A techie once "Whaad" me , I was confused so I punched him
  3. Is that a whaa?
  4. Whats a whaa?
  5. My walt senses are tingling....
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Is that the same as a 'wah'?

  7. Yes enlighten me too as well
  8. is 'whaa' in the dictionary?
  9. Why can't I ask about a whaaa, can you eat it ?
  10. is it an officer thing?
  11. Walt my arrse!

    I'm fed up with people using the whaaa, cos it really pi55es me off.

    Yeah, people that use whaaa, are walts. Seems to be mostly from techs.

    Wanted to see how far the whaaa has spread in our army that seems to be full of walts
  12. Whaaa is a whaaa?
    It's p1ssing me off and I dont even know what it means.
  13. so whaaaa isn't good?
  14. In the mid 80s there was a thing called the "Cheers Easy!". Much more impressive and entertaining than the 'modern' Whaaa.