The famous and infamous who have served in the Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by comedy dave, Oct 16, 2003.

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  1. Thought I would follow on from a previous thread on this board in reference to sports personel who serve or have served as 'Bill Oddies' but on a more general tip.
    So here goes then:

    Dennis Nielson - Cricklewood Murderer late 70's and 80's - chef ;Army Catering Corps - doing porridge

    Oliver Reed (RIP) - actor - Medic; RAMC

    Leslie Grantham - Actor (eastenders) - Fusilier (I think)

    Any more?............. :idea:
  2. David Niven - Scots Fusilier regt (nk)
    Peter Ustinov - RTR
    Willie Rushton - Cav
    IDS - Gahds
    T Blair - Guides
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  3. Michael Caine - Fusilier .
    Bill Roache - Fusilier Officer and Special Forces
    Michael Parkinson -Fusilier Officer
    Nigel Benn - Fusilier
  4. Not all Army but worth a mention

    Alec Guiness - RN and first man ashore at Sicily (honest!)

    Donald Pleasence - RAF and ex POW

    Dirk Bogarde - Int Corps
  5. Alan Bates RAF
    Sean Connery Royal Navy
    Richard Burton Royal Navy
    Anthony Quayle Royal Artillery
  6. Sir Dickie Attenborough -RAF Aircrew

    George Cole (Arfur Daley) RAF Aircrew

    Interesting, has said in some references, that he was too young to have served in WW2. However , on the "Great Escape" website , George Cole is listed as one of the real-life potential escapees from Sagan.

    Richard Todd (Guy Gibson etc) Ox and Bucks LI and the Para Rgt.

    One of the few actors, in the film , "The longest day" who was there on the day.

    Mark Urban - BBC - 2RTR

    Dennis Healey - Army Major and Beachmaster at Anzio

    Antony Wedgewood Benn - RN Seafire Pilot in the Pacific.
    Yes, old anti-war Benn speaks as a veteran who has done his bit.

    Ian Smith - Former Prime Minister of Rhodesia - RAF Spitfire Pilot

    Rex Hunt - Former Falklands Governor -Ditto

    Raymond Baxter -BBC- RAF Spitfire Pilot, and frequent contributor in PPrunes Nostalgia section. Took a pot shot at very very low level at a V2 that was in the process of launching. As he says "It could have been embarrasing if I'd actually hit it"
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  7. Oh come on chaps!,

    What about a mention for Spike milligan, the man who really won the War... Harry Secombe. Bruce Forsythe, and Bob Monkhouse to name just a few..
  8. Thought we were just doing British and Commonwealth personalities who are still alive ex?
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    My favourite - Victor McLaglen, hollywood tough guy (The Quiet Man, excellent lengthy brawl with The Duke) was Provost Marshall of Baghgdad in the 'Twenties.
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  10. Brucefeller,
    Are you sure about the Guides? I had the impression that BLiar,
    and his chum Mandelbum were a pair of Brownies!

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  11. Which is why although I think he talks bollox he does so from a position of at least having served.

    The Most Rev Dr Robert Runcie, former Archbishop of Canterbury - Officer in (I think) Blues & Royals and famous for crashing a tank.
  12. Didn't Runcie get the MC in Normandy?
  13. ... a line about adult leadership keeps coming to me.... no, lost it.
    Brownies? Fudgecakes I think.
  14. The Kray twins - Royal Fusiliers,

    Leslie Grantham aka 'Dirty Den' - Royal Fusiliers
  15. I thought david niven was at d-day apprantly rallied his chaps with the line D'ont worry your only have to do this once I'll have to spend hours trying to get my lines right in the movie verson :lol: