The Fallen BBC 4

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mucus2, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Anyone else watching this?

    This room must be mighty dusty.

  2. Noticed this was on, certain its a repeat as i watched it before, very heartbreaking stuff.
  3. ouch.. touching
  4. It was on TV last November, it's very touching, very dust in your eyes stuff.
  5. Bloody dusty in my house.

    These families are so brave talking like they are about their sons husbands etc.

    In our hearts & minds we will always remember them. RIP to them all
  6. This is so hard to watch... All thoughts with these poor families.

    R.I.P Heros.
  7. Its heavy heart braking stuff...
  8. Shame its not on mainstream TV....
  9. Behind every loss there is a family and friends left behind, RIP,may your families find peace,we will remember them.
  10. Yeh, very sad R.I.P all the fallen soldiers.

    The way that reporter talks about the death of one of the soldiers is terrible. "Oh yeh that was you", "you can't find much out about him" It the tone in which he says it, like he doesn't care at all.

    I caught this when it was first aired, very moving but also shows you the effects war has on your family etc....Makes you think do I want to put them through all that...Also makes you proud and inspired. I suppose thats something you have to choose when you decide to swear alliegence.

    We will remember them.
  11. My bold.

    I thought that was the point he was making. The fact that it is very hard to think of the losses as anything more than a headline/ small story
    The overall reporting of these incidents is very rarely personalised. It is more often than not a side note or someting mentioned at the end of a news programme, after the stories about cats in trees etc.
    I dont think the reporter particularly liked the fact he felt that way, it was more of a commentary he has been affected by it.
  12. Yeh a fair point...I just thought the mother watching the programme would feel even worse after them comments.
  13. The Fallen - Legacy Of Iraq is just starting now
  14. I thought the reporter and his production team did an excellent job, they clearly had the trust of the families. I also thought they homed in on particular issues pertinent to each death. The young daughter talking about her fathers suicide, very painful and very honest. The younger sister brashly joking about her brothers level of intelligence, and then a few frames later showing us the her true feelings....tough, but required viewing.

    Watching this 3 hr film should be mandatory for every British politician. Not to prevent them from sending it's young men and women to war, but to ensure they fully understand the consequences when they make that final decision.
  15. I did watch this programme when it was first shown.
    It appears that this was on 15th November 2008 on BBC2, a few days after Remembrance Day.

    There were a number of threads on Arrse, and Arrsers were, obviously, moved. Here are some threads, from around the time, which, themselves make interesting and moving reading. (I think it's the last one that is the most comprehensive?):