The Falklands War

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by Spenny, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if anyone will have information on this, but cant hurt to ask.

    I remember reading a book by a lad from 2 Para/22 SAS, that fought in the Falklands conflict. The book ends when he is at the movie premier for Saving Private Ryan and he talks about a blockbuster movie being made about the Falklands War.

    Has anyone heard if this is in the pipeline? I personally think it would be a great idea for a movie, as long as it was not made in Hollywood style. i.e. Keep it realistic with a decent cast and accurate storyline.

  2. Unless Tom Cruise plays the leader of the spam SF unit who covertly won Op. CORPORATE for us then a Hollywood movie about the Falklands will never be made.

    Personally I think Guy Ritchie should make a leery, geezer-packed war movie about the Hundred Year War against France with Vinnie Jones (etc) in a mercenary company indulging in the Revanche.

    Strapline? "England Abroad."
  3. Thats exactly what we dont want!! No gung-ho, its just a flesh wound, hollywood super-duper starts trying to but on a British accent while taking on half of Argentina please!!

    There are some feckin good British film directors and actors out there - like I said, if we keep it real then I think it would be a great movie.
  4. I seem to recall a BBC drama on the invasion some years ago. Cant remember name of it but it was pretty good
  5. There's been Tumbledown (v. good) and The Falklands Play (more about the politics and diplomacy but still excellent; the BBC didn't like it because it showed Margaret Thatcher too sympathetically).

  6. Maybe "An Ungentlemanly Act"?
  7. Thats the badger!!
  8. Supposedly tried to get the locals to play argies as extras .BBC people couldnt see why they got upset :roll:
  9. Trivia - Mike Norman, the commander of the Royal Marine forces during the actual battle, and played by 'Bob Peck' in the film, acted as an advisor to the film and also played a small role as one of the Falkland Island Defence Force volunteers.
  10. I can see why a movie about the Falklands maybe popular but I'd prefer if we were all suitably british and didn't feel the need to make copious films about our various victories. I'd much prefer the yanks to do that.
    I've seen quite a few documentary programmes on the history channel which I thought were very good as there is some quite good footage of the war itself. I think this is because it was the first truely mediaised war (if thats a word)
    On the other hand the trend with war movies nowadays is that all the actors get put through a military style boot camp before they film the movie. It would be good to watch actors do a cutdown version of p coy or aacc.
  11. If is was made to the same standard as Band of Brothers though, I'd watch it.
  12. its by a bloke called Steve something who was then a mercenary in Africa, and then did body guard stuff, If I think of the surname I will repost, but its not an especially amazing read, just a book about his post army life, and the fact that he met Tom Sizemore who encouraged him to write a screenplay
  13. Goes by the pen name Deveraux
  14. Thats the one - cheers lads. Agreed, not a great read but I was more interested in the movie aspect.
  15. Ritchie would probably do the Falklands war, with Brad Pitt as a Oirish'Pikey conscripted into the paras during pi55ed up bare-knuckler who is dropped in behind the argy lines to take out the Argy general..played by Antonio Banderas. Supporting cast in Pitts unit including appearances by Vinnie Jones playing a 'hard on the outside, but sensitive on the inside' deaf-mute, and a rag tag band of misfits including cameo appearances by Robbie Williams, Jason Statham and Johnny Depp. The locals would consist of Madonna, playing a penguin ranchers daughter (rancher being played by Roy Chubby Brown or Peter Kay).

    not forgetting a Cecille B Demille cast of a-one-thousand pingu's